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Dec 20, 2011 10:20 PM

toronto boy visting montreal for a week: feedback on itinerary would be great!

hey everyone. as the title says, i'm visiting montreal for a week from dec27-jan3. i'll be staying near station laurier with my SO and some friends. some considerations...

- we're all in university still so our budget is pretty tight (lunch <$10 and dinner ~$20 per person)
- we're mostly interested in eating things not found in toronto, our tastes r very eclectic
- we're getting a weekly metro pass
- we have access to a full kitchen

i've looked through the montreal board and this is what i'm hoping to hit...not all, just some. comments/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

la banquise - poutine
schwartz - "medium" fatty smoked meat
pied du cochon - we're on a tight budget but this is our one splurge meal (we have a reservation already)
st viateur/fairmount - bagels
lemeac - cheaper food after 10pm (friend's suggestion)
romados/coco rico/rotisserie portugalia - portuguese bbq chicken and egg tarts
patati patata - burgers etc
boustan - lebanese
l'express - classic french
juilette & chocolat - dessert
le petit alep - middle eastern
premiere moisson/olive&gourmando - baked goods
la chilenita/supermarch andes - latin american food
jean talon market - fresh food
pho lien - vietnamese (we have viet food in toronto, is it worth stopping by?)

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  1. You have quite a great list here, i can tell you did your homework hehe... :)

    St. Viateur for the bagles is a must, as Montreal bagels are pretty much the best you can get ;) In my honest biast opinion of course hehe...On your last day in Montreal, make sure you bring some of their bagels back to freeze, you will be happy you did :)

    La Banquise is an excellent choice for poutine! & it is open 24hrs! :)

    If you enjoy greek, my all time favorite place in Montreal to go, for very casual lunch is "Villa Du Souvlaki - 5347 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest" Really great Souvlaki, fries & greek salad!

    Enjoy your visit! :) & please come back to let us know what you tried :)


    1. Lemeac will probably in the low 30s without desert, but it is really good. Forget Boustan if you don't want fast food, since you are already going at petit Alep, which is amazing.

      I prefer fairmount to st-viateur, and the ice cream shop next 2 fairmount is really, really good.

      Have an amazing trip!

      1. "romados/coco rico/rotisserie portugalia - portuguese bbq chicken and egg tarts"
        These are very different places. Romados and Portugalia do Portuguese chicken, but Romados is more take-out and Portugalia sit-down (although plenty do take-out here as well). Coco Rico has simple rotisserie chicken and eating at a counter. The place looks amazing (do stop in on your St. Laurent sojourn), but I find the food here just OK (although their potatoes cooked in the rotiserie, basted with chicken fat is pretty good!).

        Speaking of St. Laurent, depending on the weather, you might consider walking from Prince Arthur northwards to Duluth and maybe beyond. You'll pass European meat markets selling sausage sandwiches (like Slovenia and Boucherie Hongroise), cheap watering holes (like Le Bifteque and La Cabane Portuguese and a real dive just north of Duluth, Barfly), ecclectic shops (like Kitch'n Swell and Cul de Sac) and a few on your list (Schwartz/romados/coco rico/rotisserie portugalia/patati patata/supermarch andes (a bit further north than Duluth)/juilette & chocolat)

        Ifn you're still hungry after Schwartz, run across the street to La Cabane for cheap beer and very good marinated octopus.

        L'express: a place that I really want to love - you'd think you're in a Parisian bistro with the long bar, potted palms, mirrors, palazzo floor, and smartly dressed waiters. The food always seems to be underwhelming....maybe someone can suggest better French?

        Supermarche Andes, this place I like. More of a store with a food counter and a smattering of tables, but quite good and satisfying. Maybe have everyone order something different and share.

        1. Olive et Gourmando will be closed during the holidays. They are re-opening on jan 10.

          But since you are near the Laurier metro, I'd suggest to try Fous Desserts for some wonderful croissants and pastries. Also on Laurier (or almost) if you go 10 minutes east : Le Fromentier, Pâtisserie Rhubarbe, Maison Cakao and a few great restaurants. Great neighbourhood for a foodie.

          For the best baked goods in town (since Olive will be closed) also look for Boulangerie Guillaume and Mamie Clafoutis. Première Moisson is a chain. It's good but not a must... though if you're at Marché Jean-Talon it's worth a visit. Kem Coba and Cerise sur le Gâteau could be on your list too since it's in the same neighbourhood as St-Viateur/Fairmount.

          There's a great sandwich (well sandwich in a pita) place on St-Viateur too : La Panthère Verte. It's vegan though but it's good for anyone. Probably the best falafels in town.

          For middle-eastern, I prefer Kaza-Maza and Rumi over Alep, but they're all good I think.

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          1. re: Glaff

            thanks for the boulangerie guillaume suggestion Glaff. it's actually only a 2 min walk from our place! we've been going there for their croissants and chocalatines. good and convenient.

            we tried looking for premiere moisson at marche jean talon but couldn't find it. we stumbled across au pain dore and tried their croissants. they were pretty good.

            1. re: blitz

              Glad you like it! Don't forget to try the baguette tradition and the apple buns! And the Écolier... and a bit of everything...

              If you go back to the Marché, here is where Première Moisson is (the main entrance is behind that) :

              I really like the croissants at Cerise sur le gâteau too. Not far from Guillaume, on Fairmount too.

          2. I'm not sure about Vietnamese specifically, but the times I've been, the Chinese in TO and Markham knocks the socks off Montreal. On this alone, I'd suggest skipping oriental here.

            If you are in the neighborhood of Fairmont Bagels, Wilensky's Light lunch is quintessential Montreal
            Either you love it or you hate it, but it is unique. Don't expect haute cuisine, but opt for the Special - a balogna/salami sandwich on egg bread and kind of panninied. Doesn't sound like much, but you don't get to eat at a 1930s diner everyday.
            Check their times, I think they close at 4:00pm.

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            1. re: porker

              To clarify and expand; the special at Wilensky's is served between the bottoms of two onion rolls.

              And for other things that are not available in Toronto:
              Microbrasseries: Benelux, Brutopia, Dieu du Ciel, Helm, Reservoir, Saint Bock, Vices et Versa.
              Homemade Charcuterie: Le Comptoir, Bu, DNA,
              Other Poutine Places that are better than La Banquise: Pierette Patates, Chez Ma Tante, Chez Gerard, Pauls Patates, Pataterie Chez Philippe,
              Other non-classifiable restaurants that are unique to Montreal: Dic Ann's on Pie IX, Chez Nouri,
              And for a true taste of the "Quebecois" Terroir: Binerie Mont Royal,

              1. re: EaterBob

                funny you mention reservoir, my friend who went to mcgill just suggested i check out the huge mason jars of alcohol there.

                1. re: blitz

                  AFAIK, Reservoir does not serve huge mason jars of alcohol. They pretty much just serve beer.

                  1. re: SnackHappy

                    Reservoir has a small but extremely good selection of wines, and a couple of scotches as well.

                    The mason jars of alcohol are at La Distillerie which has three outlets, 300 rue Ontario Est, 2047 av. Mont-Royal and 2656 rue Masson.

                2. re: EaterBob

                  Chez Nouri on St-Laurent north of Chabanel? What's unique there? I pass every day practically and it never seemed to grab me.

                  1. re: hungryann

                    No, Chez Nouri, the lunch counter inside 10 Pine W. And he makes amazing and cheap Iranian sandwiches and soups. Perfect food for a gray and cold day like today.