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Dec 20, 2011 10:00 PM

Lil Vinny's Closing End of Dec.2011

If any of you have coupons (there are some out there that expire in Feb.) you might want to use them now or ask the coupon co. for a refund.

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    1. So that would be the second time for them with Groupon shenanigans?
      They offered one in the past, and then went on vacation the week before the Groupon expired.

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      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        The last time I went to Vinny's at Night, for one of their bogo deals, it was less than memorable. They also did a groupon recently.

        1. re: treb

          Ah, geez...the death knell of the Groupon...hopefully, the closing of L'il Vinny's will help them out.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            I agree that Groupon can signal that a restaurant is in trouble, but was surprised to see Menton offer a $500 two-person tasting deal on Buywithme.

            1. re: bear

              Is Menton still packed most nights?

              1. re: Bob Dobalina

                I don't know since it's a bit out of my league budget-wise, but Opentable shows several time slots available tonight. It seems like people were reporting that they couldn't get tables on short notice before.

      2. I will not go to a closing restaurant with a groupon. I can only imagine what type of food and service I will receive....I will wait for the restaurant to close and then request a refund from groupon. I will then have 2 credits from groupon (one for Mi Da Mi AKA Kayuga in Arlington) and Lil Vinnys, both of which are closed/closing. Hopefully groupon runs a worthwhile restaurant soon, they have not had one in a while.

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        1. re: AaronInBoston

          I think businesses are beginning to understand that the Groupon model is basically a sham that benefits in this order: Groupon first, customer and business tied for third.
          Why the customer also third? Sort of the same reason why you often do not get the best product during Restaurant Week.

          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            I've had terrific experiences with Groupon - they've given me many, many credits for coupons I didn't use - even one that expired (which I had forgotten about).

          2. re: AaronInBoston

            Can you get a refund or is it a credit to be used toward the purchase of another groupon?
            To keep this on topic, I used a groupon at Chez Henri recently and had a good experience and as far as I can tell they're nowhere near going out of business.

            1. re: Parsnipity

              Going out of biz?

              They've been talking about taking the company public at a market value of $15-20 billion...down from $30b earlier in the year.

              They did the transaction at $12Billion last month.


              1. re: 9lives

                To clarify: Chez Henri is nowhere near going out of business, in reference to earlier posts talking about groupons only popping up for restaurants which are in trouble.

            2. re: AaronInBoston

              You don't have to wait until it closes to get the credit from Groupon - just call them up & explain. I never had a problem.

              Once, I made the mistake of going for a buffet (I know, I know - should have known better). While the food was pretty awful, what got me is that the establishment lied about the cost - it was a daily deal, and the actual cost was only a few cents more than what the Groupon cost was (not the larger savings claimed). I don't like being lied to!

              Not Groupon's fault - but I called & let them know. I didn't expect a full refund - which is what I was given immediately along with an email apology from Groupon. (I didn't bother calling the restaurant as it was obvious that no one cared when I was there).

              1. re: threedogs

                I see that a lot with groupon and like sites. Buyer Beware!