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Dec 20, 2011 09:20 PM

Hachiya Persimmon Lovers Rejoice

Many hachiya persimmon lovers have waited over a month for their persimmons to ripen. Some of the fruit ripens nicely, some don't. It's a test of patience.

Today, at the produce market at Geary and 4th (south east corner of intersection; I think the name is something like Farmer's Market), they were selling large, absolutely ripe, ready to eat hachiyas for $.69/pound! After I had 5 pounds in my basket, the nice produce guy told me he was putting out more, but the season is coming to an end. So run over there soon and feast on the hachiyas!

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  1. sounds great. Are you going to freeze them or eat all 5 lbs quickly? I noticed if you let Fuyu Persimmons ripen they get to be sweet just like the Hachiyas.

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    1. re: hhc

      HHC, I've eaten almost all of them already. I'm going back tomorrow for more! This is instant gratification hachiya-an oxymoron!

      1. re: elise h

        I went and bought a lot. This is the end of the season. I asked if they had more and they said no. Unclear whether it is finished for the season or for the time being. They said the fuyu's were already out of season. Hachiya lovers, remember this place for next year!

    2. Just got a perfect hachiya at Monterey Market. It's the small type and organically grown by Twin Girls Farm. It was seventy-nine cents. There was hardly any astringency. I ate up all the *jelly* in less than two minutes. Best one I've had all season.

      1. Some of the persimmons I bought almost 2 months ago are still not ripe. They are soft, but they lack the translucency, both exterior and interior, of a truly ripe persimmon. When eaten, they are okay, but not right. I suspect that if a persimmon was picked too early, it will never ripen properly. The longer it stays on the tree, the better it will be. Let's look forward to next year. Let us know if you had other successful hachiya ersimmon sightings!

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          Persimmon growers will tell you the fruits are better after a frost. First frost was very late this year.

          1. re: elise h

            Persimmons typically start to ripen around early November, losing all the green around calyx by mid to late November. The ones on the tree right now are softening and almost of no commercial value. We have lots of extra ripened hachiyas that you may have. contact us at simplelifecl at hotmail dot com