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Dec 20, 2011 08:23 PM

Ideas for 15 person fun dinner party?

Hi there,

I'm currently planning a February dinner party for my company, and we're looking for someplace willing to do a fixed menu for about 15 people. We don't necessarily need a private room (though that is acceptable), but would like a good corner/alcove.

For price we're thinking about $40pp before alcohol and tip, though less is always OK, too. The other important factor is that I'd like this to be a fun evening, not too stuffy. This group doesn't have particularly gourmet tendencies, so solid (as opposed to extraordinary) food and fun atmosphere are important.

Location can be anywhere in Cambridge, Somerville or Boston. Some thoughts I had (none of which are 100% what I'm looking for but could be fine): Monica's in the N End, Dali in Cambridge, Eastern Standard.

Any additional ideas would be much appreciated!

Thanks, ClippyZ

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  1. My first thought was Eastern Standard. We did about 12 people at Posto in Davis Sq. which was fine, not the most varied menu. Foundry on Elm down the street? Maybe Russell House Tavern in Harvard Sq., Gaslight in the South End, Church or Citizen in the Fenway, Beacon St. Tavern.

    1. I think Basho on Boylston would be fun if you guys could do japanese food and sushi. They have a private space separated by a large curtain and last time I was there I saw some awesome looking party platters going out. They have a large variety of good food. Some great some average. The party I saw there was standing around and talking mingling over drinks and the platters, so it wasn't a formal sit down meal. I think this is more fun and creates more conversation. The restaurant is hip and trendy and usually I have very good service there (even with a groupon type coupon).