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Dec 20, 2011 05:43 PM

London help requested: Great restaurant, vegetarian-friendly, gift-cards and booking online. Suggestions?

Hi folks,

I am trying to put a gift together for a good friend. She likes experiential gifts, and is visiting her sister in London in early February. I thought it might be nice if I could arrange a nice dinner for them all when they're there.

I'm wondering if anyone has any good suggestions for restaurants that meet this criteria:

- Cool/hip restaurant that urban professionals in their early 30s would like to go to (upscale, but not stuffy)
- Central London area
- Vegetarian-friendly
- Offer gift-certifcates online that I can buy to cover a nice meal (or that I can call and have them mail them to Toronto?)
- Nice to have: can book reservations online

Is there anything that comes to mind? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. the ledbury does a vegetarian tasting menu, and is amazing -

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    1. re: t_g

      Thanks for this. I'm thinking of doing the 7-course vegetarian tasting menu at L'Autre Pied:

      If anyone has any feedback, or has had this, let me know.

      1. re: Tara9000

        my only feedback is that the ledbury's better :)