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Dec 20, 2011 03:40 PM

LA Weekly's Ten Best Coffee Shops In Los Angeles

They are:

10. Caffe Luxxe
9. Tierra Mia
8. Lamill Coffee Boutique
7. Cafecita Organica
6. Spring for Coffee
5. Espresso Cielo
4. Balconi Coffee Company
3. Coffee Commissary
2. Cognoscenti Coffee
1. Intelligencia Coffee and Tea

Reading that list I must confess, I have tried exactly ... drumroll ... none of them.

I've wanted to try Intelligencia, it's pretty close to where I live, but I never have gone there. I used to have high coffee standards, but ever since I switched to decaf, it doesn't matter any more.

But I saw the link and thought I'd share it with the board.

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  1. I think they mislabeled the article, these are coffee houses, not coffee shops. Norm's is a coffee shop.Pann's is a coffee shop. Even Mel's is a coffee shop. A place with the word "cognoscenti" can't possibly be a coffee shop, it has to have a one word name, preferably a persons name like Jan, Dinah or Ronnie.

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    1. re: scottca075

      it's definitely a coffee shop if they have a toaster on the table, ala Ship's... ;-D>

      1. re: scottca075

        God I miss Shipps....

        The only place I've tried from that list is Intelligensia, and IMO it was good not great.

          1. re: scottca075

            In reading the link I have to agree with you!

          2. yea, same here, I was very interested in coffee shops . . . .