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source of fresh herbs in bulk?

I'm looking for lots of fresh herbs to make a salad. The little plastic boxes one can buy at Whole Foods or Trader Joes are absurd.

I know Specialty Produce is one possibility. Does North Park Produce have a good selection of herbs? Anywhere else?

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  1. Which herbs are you looking for ? WF often has large bunches of fresh herbes hidden between all of their produce (perhaps 4-5 times the amount of their small boxes). I saw basil, sage, rosemary, chives, thyme so far at different times.

    1. Don't rule out Sprouts/Henry's or Windmill Farms. WF almost always has big bunches of basil and around the holidays they usually have sage, rosemary and occasionally oregano.

      Also think aobut hitting up the Mexican markets. Northgate usually has a big bin of fresh herbs...albeit, not necessarily one's you've heard of ;-). Pancho Villa usually has hebs by the bunch as well.

      1. Depends on the herbs you want. Speciality Produce has the biggest selection I've seen. There's a middle eastern market (the name changes frequently, and I forget the current one) on Balboa behind the BofA and See's Candy that has pretty good deals on certain herbs. Middle-eastern markets in general will have fresh herbs, though obviously the ones oriented towards their style of cooking.

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          The name of the Persian market on Balboa is Balboa International Market.

        2. People's Co-op in OB always has a nice selection, and they have quite a bit in nice large quantities at Costco Business Center

          1. Thanks all for the suggestions. I'm looking for thyme, mint, rosemary, parsley, oregano, marjoram, basil, and chives.

            I'll give WF another look, beyond the absurd boxes and take it from there.

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            1. Costco Business Center carries a limited variety of herbs. My go to is the basil, a full pound package for about $5.75. They also carry tyme, rosemary, dill, mint, arugula and sometimes oregano.

              1. Farmers Outlet at 10407 Friars Rd usually has basil, mint, dill and rosemary in larger bunches, especially basil. If you don't see it out by the parsley and cilantro, ask because they often have it the back.
                Don't know if this is the case at all Ralphs, but the one near where I work in San Marcos has big bunches of chives and mint.

                1. You might also go to your local plant store--and Farmers' Markets--and check out herbs in pots. I can buy pots for $2 that yield much more than those little packages in the grocery store. And if you have space, you can keep them going as your own herb garden.