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Dec 20, 2011 03:24 PM

ISO: Luxardo Amaro Abano

I've been looking around for this for awhile. Has anyone seen this at a Wine/Spirits/Beer store in Chicago recently? Seems a lot of cocktails have been using it recently and I really want to try mixing something up without paying $16 in shipping to get it from NY.


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  1. Here's the local distributor:

    Tenzing Wine & Spirits
    Ken Fredrickson
    165 North Morgan St.
    Chicago , IL 60607
    Phone: 312-237-4000

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    1. re: ferret

      This was the only think I actually found with a google search, but it looks like they cater to businesses and not people. I guess I could call anyways and see if they will sell me a bottle anyways.

      1. re: isawpalmetto

        Call them and ask them which retailer(s) in your part of the Chicago area carry the product you are looking for.

    2. I was just drinking some tonight, and thought I'd look around to see what others were doing with it. I'm in Minneapolis-St. Paul, and it's available here (Surdyk's-- probably the biggest liquor retailer in the metro, or at least the one with the biggest liqueur/aperitif/digestivo/ etc etc selection). Why not jump on the high-speed rail from Chicago and buy a bottle? HA HA! Alas-- how I wish we'd put that in before Wisconsin's hopefully temporary governor slapped it down... but I digress. When you do find a bottle, try it on the rocks with a hefty squeeze of fresh lemon. Delicious. I didn't care for it when I first bought the bottle a couple of years ago, but now am really enjoying it.