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Dec 20, 2011 02:34 PM

Giovanni's Produce & Market El Cerrito

Good day for bargains at Giovanni's Produce. Very fresh green beans for 59 cents a pound. Jumbo size Honeycrisp apples for 79 cents/lb - very tasty - good tart/sweet balance and nice texture. Cocktail size tomatoes in a 1 pound clamshell ( about 12 to a shell ) 4 clamshells for a dollar! That's 25 cents per pound. Out of the four clamshells - there were only 2-3 that had minor discoloration around the stem. ...... the rest were in very good condition. They are all in the oven right now roasting. I didn't need anything else but I did see that they also had pineapples, grapes, yams, persimmons, etc ..... all outside in the bargain section. Happy Hunting.

Giovanni's Produce & Grocery
1600 Liberty St, El Cerrito, CA 94530

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  1. I picked up the 10 cent cucumbers on Sunday and they were terrific. I drove by today but didn't stop, but the cukes were still available.

    The 3lbs / $1 Texas juice oranges were also excellent as were the $49 cent per pound tangarines. I believe the pineapples were $1.29 ... or something close.

    Bananas were 20 cents per pound, but I only buy organic or fair-trade bananas and these were conventional.