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Dec 20, 2011 02:16 PM

Sunday and Monday in Paris

Hi there -- trying to plan a 4-night trip to Paris in late January that will either be Th/Fr/Sa/Su (nights) or Fr/Sa/Su/Mo (nights). The latter works much better for our schedule, but I'm concerned that many food options will be closed on Sunday night and Monday (day and night). Is that true? Or has my cursory research made me unnecessarily concerned?


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  1. I am in Paris now and had no problem with Sunday or Monday. Wise to remember that some places close Saturday and Sunday so they open Monday. My strategy was to list all the places I wanted to go, checked out their opening times on-line which is easy and then arranged them logically. Obviously if your four "must eats" are closed then it is tricky but it is easy enough to have a long enough list for ths not to be an issue.

    1. The list of good eateries is indeed much shorter for Sunday and Monday.
      On Monday Saturne and chez Casimir are open.
      Sunday? I draw a blank.
      Phil, could your recommend some places you "tested" and liked on those days?

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        Auberge Bressane
        L'Ami Louis
        Le Cinq

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          Parigi - last weeken it was a very long lunch at Le Cinq (and there are lots similar at the top end i.e. Benoit) which ended at 5:00 (they moved us to the lounge as they needed the table back for dinner) followed by drinks at Le Avant Compoit and Fish - both of which do food but we were stuffed. Monday was Au Passage for lunch then Verjus for a bar snack followed by Frenchie Wine Bar for a bt more substance.

        2. All of the Paris food publications list those restaurants open on Sunday (Michelin, Zagat etc). I don't know of a specific listing for Monday, but you should assume that a bistro open on the weekend will be closed on Monday.

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   lets you search by neighbourhood and by open on sunday or monday - their list isn't comprehensive but a good start. Lots of great places open Monday (Itineraires, Fontaine de Mars, Gaya, Thoumieux, Saturne). Sunday is tougher, all more casual: Café des Musées, Café Constant, Fish etc come to mind. Sure you'll find something worthwhile.

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              awesome, thanks everyone, very helpful. from what I gather is there's so much great to eat in Paris that I won't go hungry no matter when I go!

          2. Just a reminder. As has been posted here before"reserve, reserve, reserve". Especially for S/S/M nights.

            1. i actually find that Saturday is the most difficult night. With the deluge of suburbanites and Thalys/ Eurostar weekenders, even the most mediocre places are hard to get into. Sunday (especially dinner) and Monday are way more relaxed and easy. Sure, lots of restaurants are closed. But Paris has so many good eateries that you will still have 100s of excellent options on those days. Chowhounder recommendations are usually very reliable but, in featuring the same restaurants over and over, may give the impression that a great meal is not that easy to find. But in Paris, it is very very easy. 7/7.

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                Thanks for the comment,we kinda figured that there must be quite a few restaurants not mentioned that are acceptable/excellent. We land Christmas day and will enjoy discovering Paris as much as tying one self into a finite reservations timetable.I guess we are looking at the 14 day trip as a holiday as much as must do this.Having said that staying in Latin Qtr and its our first visit.A big thanks to these forums for invaluable advice Brian & Diane. AU