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Dec 20, 2011 01:23 PM

Prime boneless just as good?

Hi everyone,

I went to Costco today and could not choose between a boneless whole prime rib roast for 11.99/lb and a boneless for 10.99/lb. The boneless will fit in my fridge instead of needing an ice chest. And its a better deal. Will my guests notice the difference in flavor? I assume I would cook the boneless on a rack and it might not be as juicy?

Thanks for your comments.


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  1. Both will be delicious. Rib-eaters (of whom I am one) will miss the bones but the main part of the roast will be just as juicy if you roast it properly. I routinely buy the Boneless Rib-eyes from Costco and they're great.

    I would think the bone-in would be cheaper on a per-pound basis, as some of the weight you are paying for isn't meat

    Buy it today and age in the fridge for a few days. Slow-roast using the CI method and you will never want it any other way.

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    1. re: acgold7

      how is the flavor without the bones to add to it?

      1. re: ROCKLES

        The bones don't actually add much flavor as it roasts. The meat that was near the bones is naturally more flavorful, but when you roast it, typically the bones are at the bottom, so it's unlikely any flavor migrates "up" to the meat.

        Sear it on all sides ands slow-roast, and it's great. All that being said, if you like it bone-in, by all means do that. Prime Rib is always great unless you overcook it.

      2. re: acgold7

        Hi Aacgold7,

        Thanks for your response and enthusiasm. Should I just roast the boneless roast on any rack that will fit the roast? Should I tie it with string to keep the shape? Thanks again for your advice.


        1. re: Rhee

          String is unnecessary and any rack will do.

          If you go to YouTube and search for "Best Christmas Holiday Prime Rib " there are a series of good videos, and on one of the channels that comes up there is a whole series specifically dealing with whole Costco Rib-Eyes, what to do with them, and how to age them and roast them.

          My local Costco has whole Choice boneless Rib-Eyes for about $7.50 a pound or so. I'll have to swing by today and see if they have Prime and bone-in, and check the prices.

          1. re: acgold7

            Don't agree that string's unnecessary -- there's a layer of fat between 2 layers of meat toward the at the rib end side (i.e, the side away from where the chine bone was) and when it melts and the meat shrinks, the meat layers usually separate and curl up. Looks much better if you tie it every 2 inches or so; also makes for nicer & more even slices. Use whatever rack will elevate the meat above the drippings.

            NB: As much as I like prime beef for steak and am happy to shell out the required $, I think its unnecessary for roast prime rib and actually prefer choice for this cut. Needless to say, the price differential is substantial given the size of the cut.

      3. Just curious what part of the country you live in? I just just bought bone in prime rib at Costco for $8.59/lb. Boneless was $8.99/lb. Last year it was closer to $7/lb!

        I've bought both the bone in and the boneless from Costco. I prefer the bone in because I like to get gnaw on the bone. I was always happy with the boneless when I bought them too.

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        1. re: Rick

          Just got back from Costco. At my local location, Choice was priced as follows, per pound:

          Whole bone-in (Cryo): $7.39

          Whole Boneless Rib-eye (Cryo):$7.99

          Half Bone in (Tray): $8.99

          Half Boneless Rib-eye (Tray): $9.99

          They said they might be getting in some more Prime tomorrow.

          1. re: acgold7

            Glad you brought that up. The "prime" rib at my Costco is all Choice. If the OP is getting Prime prime rib for that price I think that's a great deal.

            1. re: acgold7

              They had Prime grade at my Costco when I bought mine last week.

              1. re: acgold7

                Still no Prime as of 4pm today. They said they didn't have any specifically on order, and neither did any other Costcos in our area, but that it's still an Active item and some could be coming in at any time -- they never know what Corporate is going to send.

                On the Computer, prices were $14.99 for bone-in and $15.99 for boneless, Prime.

            2. I would suggest reading the following for everything you need to know about how to cook Prime Rib. I followed it the first time I made Prime Rib and it turned out delicious:


              An answer to your question from that page:

              I do NOT recommend purchasing a boneless rib roast, as roasting with the bones adds flavor. But, if you do purchase a boneless prime rib roast, cook using the same guidelines as a roast with ribs. Usually the weight is figured without the bones. If in doubt, weight your roast before cooking it.

              1. No. It's wonderful. But it's not *as* good.

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                1. re: Karl S

                  Yes, meat on the bone is always better. That said, I wouldn't turn up my nose at any prime rib.

                2. I prefer with the rib. Bones = flavor.