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Dec 20, 2011 12:59 PM

New Orleans Outside-the-Quarter for NYE

The wife and I will be visiting NOLA for our second time next week. We will be staying for 6 nights (NYE included) and are looking for some ideas for a different experience of New Orleans. We are thinking about renting a car so that maybe we can drive outside New Orleans. We are staying in Downtown so anything nearby there is nice too. Ideas included are:

1) Lacombe- I hear John Besh has place there that may be worth a stop? Maybe a stop at the Bayou Sauvage Refuge on the way?

2) A bayou tour? We know nothing of what where and when but are very intrigued by the ideas of visiting the Bayous.

3) NYE is something that we dont usually love as most restaurants and bars are overpriced and overcrowded so a suggestion for a better to-do is much welcomed.

Any other ideas for anything outside the quarter is much appreciated!!!!

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  1. Tours by Isabelle is a good company for tours in NOLA. Honey Island is a good swamp tour also.
    Honey Island Swamp Tour @ 41490 Crawford Road, Slidell, LA 985 - 641 - 1769.
    Tours by Isabelle @ 5163 General De Gaulle Drive, New Orleans, LA 504 - 398 - 0365.

    Plantation Adventures has a combo plantation/swamp tour. You will tour two plantations in the morning and then have a great lunch overlooking Lake Pontchartrain at Frenier's Landing. After lunch you will go on a swamp tour. They will pick you up.
    If you decide to take your car on a plantation tour stop by Frenier's Landing for good seafood.
    If you want great fresh seafood and an outstanding view of Lake Pontchartrain get off I 10 at Exit 209 and go N on Highway 51 one mile to Peavine Road. Take a right and go another mile to Frenier Landing Restaurant. The Crab Trap is also a great place for fresh seafood next door to Frenier Landing. CT is only open Thursday/Friday/Saturday for dinnner.
    Frenier Landing Restaurant @ Peavine Road, LaPlace, LA 985 - 224 - 2178.
    Crab Trap @ 100 Peavine Road, Laplace, LA 985 - 651 - 4150.…Crab-Trap-Laplace

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    1. re: Littleman

      Frenier Landing is mostly terrible. The Crab Trap is closed until February.

    2. I think you would enjoy a trip to the N Shore. Mandeville is a neat town. You could go to Abita Springs for an early lunch. It's a nice town. Then return to Mandeville for a few hours touring then have dinner at La Provence which is John Besh's restaurant just E of Mandeville. Enjoy your visit.

      Abita Brew Pub @ 72011 Holly Street, Abita Springs, LA. 985 - 892 - 5837. *

      1. You could spend a day on the north shore as there are good lunch and dinner places. If you are interested in anything specific ask. La Provence is attractive and the food is good, but not exceptional.

        Winter is a poor time for a bayou tour. The only good thing is the weather. Gators are hibernating and the foliage is bare and brown. It may be a little advantage for bird sightings. April/May is beautiful in the swamps with wildflowers galore.

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        1. re: collardman

          thanks for the great ideas. We will definitely head to Mandeville for a day out.

          Also, not to pose such an impossible to answer question but can anyone recommend a top-notch gumbo in NOLA?

          1. re: FoodExpression

            The best gumbo in NO is the chicken gumbo at Mr. B's in the french quarter.

            1. re: DBinNOLA

              Love the gumbo at Herbsaint and Commander's. Was actually a bit disappointed in the gumbo ya-ya at Mr. B's. It gets such universal raves here, but while I did enjoy it I preferred the two listed above.

        2. K Gees Restaurant and Oyster Bar is a great place for lunch or dinner in Mandeville.

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          1. re: Littleman

            KGees for seafood and their mixed to order hot sausage po-boy. For late breakfast or good general po-boys go a few doors away to Liz's. Also Pontchartrain Po-Boys or Bears are good sandwich choices. For seafood, including oysters, Besides KGees there is Busters in Covington and the scenic Mortons on the river in Madisonville. The northshore Acme seems to be hit or miss.

            1. re: collardman

              I've had horrors at the Northshore Acme..wrote them off years ago. Am not really happy with the B.R. one and avoid NOLA unless someone visiting really MUST go.

            2. The original comment has been removed