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Dec 20, 2011 12:48 PM

What to serve with a turducken roll?

My in-laws sent us a turducken roll (from Cajun Grocer) for Christmas, and although I'd planned a different menu, I've decided to serve this for our Christmas dinner. (It's in the freezer and will be thawed out for 2 days in the fridge.) Anyone had one of these before? I'd appreciate your ideas for sides, as well as cooking tips. I have the basic directions, but if you came up with a yummy basting sauce or something, I'd like to hear about it.


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  1. You could glaze it with a mixture of honey, grainy mustard, butter, and chopped fresh sage about 15-20 min. before you think it'll be done. Also try incorporating some fresh clementine juice or subbing maple syrup for the honey.

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      Love the idea of clementine juice. I can't get enough of those this time of year. Any idea what a turducken roll tastes like? Mine seems to have some, er, chemicals in it. What do they do to the flavor?

    2. I have a Turducken that I found at the local grocery, it's 15 lbs and it has legs and wings so not quite the same as yours, I think? It's Tony Chachare brand. Mine comes in a oven bake bag and says to cook from frozen, although now I'm going to double check. And it had better already be glazed!! I bought it for Thanksgiving but then ended up with a big enough turkey for that day. I am going to serve it with our traditional Italian Christmas dinner. After the pasta, and then meatballs and sausage, I am serving slices of Turducken instead of the baked chicken we usually do. Hope it's as carefree as I'm led to believe.

      If I was serving it as the main course, I'd serve yams, okra, greens, black eyed peas and that kind of thing. Something New Orleans/southern.