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Dec 20, 2011 11:45 AM

Kouign-amann in the DC area?

I just had this pastry for the first time ever this past week in Salt Lake City. Without a doubt the best pastry I've ever had in my life. Does anyone know of where to find this in DC possibly? Thanks

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  1. The nearest place I've enjoyed this treat is was at Chez Michel, near the Gare du Nord in Paris.

    1. Just saw this referenced regarding a bakery in New York. Never seen it around here. Though you could call around to Cacao, Patisserie Poupon, Praline, and ask if they ever make it.

      1. bet you had it at:

        I too love it there...sorry can't help with DC

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        1. re: iL Divo

          Never had it, but I looked it up and it looks delicious. It also looks extraordinarily similar to an "Oreja" (Elephant Ear) that is commonly served at most Mexican bakeries. You might try one in the area and see if it's a decent substitute.

          1. re: ChoppinBroccoli

            Hmm, I think an oreja is a lot drier than a kouign-amann. The latter is extremely buttery and moist.

            1. re: ChoppinBroccoli

              thanks choppin.....
              ...........not sure anything could be as good as the K-A I've devoured in the past. but the past it is.............wah.........

          2. reviving this old thread ... Patisserie Poupon makes a stellar one, at least the Baltimore location does, so i bet the WDC location does as well.

            i also got one this weekend from the much-hyped Dominique Ansel bakery in NYC (home of the original "Cronut") and i think Patisserie Poupon's is much better.

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            1. re: uniko

              Yes, they have it at PP, and it's great.

              1. re: uniko

                They also sell them at the U Street farmers market on Saturday mornings, I think Panorama is the name of the stand.

                1. re: uniko

                  PP doesn't make it every day, so make sure you call ahead and ask.

                  1. re: bmorecupcake

                    they also sell out early, on the days i'm wanting it, i call first and if they have any, i pre-purchase by phone.

                  2. re: uniko

                    Not surprised that PP's is great--the owner, Joe Poupon, is from Brittany.

                  3. Trader Joe's has a delish take and bake version in the freezer section.

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                    1. re: MlynneM

                      People rave about it on the Trader Joe's threads on the Chains board. I finally broke down and bought a box.

                        1. re: TheMatt

                          Still in the freezer! They require a bit of work and that is not my strong suit. 8<D

                          1. re: Bob W

                            To be fair, the work they require is getting them out of the freezer 6-7 hours before you want them and putting them on a baking tray, then baking them 25 minutes.

                            They're also pretty darn tasty. You can also make them from scratch. David Lebovitz has a recipe that looks simple and delicious:

                          2. re: TheMatt

                            If I hadn't had the PP version, the Trader Joe's version might have been okay, but I'm very critical of my sugar calories in my old age. Still not so bad that I would return it. And I'll return pretty much anything at TJ's.