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Dec 20, 2011 11:29 AM

Olive Oil---What Brand Do You Use and Where do you buy it?

Just started reading about olive oil and the importance of using high quality olive oil. What brand do you use?

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  1. I buy Extra Virgin at Trader Joe's. It is from California and I do not remember the brand. sorry. Look @ Trader Joes; I got the recommendation from LA Times originally. I am a single household, so I am always careful of how much I buy.

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      Ditto, but we use a lot so always have two bottles on hand.

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        I like the President's Reserve EVOO at Trader Joe's, as well.

      2. I just started using Apollo Olive Oil - organic from California - and am really impressed. I highly recommend checking out their site which has tons of info on olive oil's properties in general. Also their milling process is pretty fascinating.

        I bought a bottle off their site but I think you can buy it at Whole Foods in northern California.


          Not cheap to ship but throw in a few bottles of wine and it brings it down a bit. I normally buy this 2 bottles at a time and store one in a dark corner of my basement. Although it hardly lasts long enough to worry about the second bottle. I could drink this stuff.

          1. Most of the time I use supermarket own label extra virgin but also buy Palestinian Zaytoun oil from more specialist food shops (currently easily available as the Israelis seem to have lifted the blockade which prevented export for over 12 months)