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Dec 20, 2011 11:09 AM

Last Minute Christmas help for Korean Parents in SFV or near by (LA)

Hi All!

Sending a cry for help from Boulder CO. I grew up in the Valley and haven't been back since 2003 when I left for Jersey. I need some help pinpointing a great restaurant to send my parents a gift card for a blow out dinner in the Christmas spirit.

Background on my parents- they are the most generous and self-less people I have ever known. They are Korean and love sushi and seafood. They generally tend to stay within the Asian cuisines but I think they would be open to try something different. My dad especially is an adventurous eater and loves to try new things and all offal. They love uni as do i!

Can you please suggest places you think they would like? I want them to have a truly unforgettable meal. If I can provide some more details, please let me know!

Thanks all for reading this and thank you in advance for your help!!!+

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  1. budget?
    if unlimited, you can try to book them for Urasawa ($400-500 per person with tax tip drinks). about a 3 hour dinner of sushi bliss.
    if they like seafood, you cant go wrong with the tasting menu at Providence ($150 per person)
    im sure others can chime in on sushi places along ventura blvd area as well.

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    1. re: samtron608

      i wish i could do Urasawa but unfortunately my budget is more around 300 total for the two of them. Mom doesn't drink and Dad will do a couple beers or sake/soju...I will look into Providence as well as the best sushi for the budget I have. Thanks for your reply!

      1. re: liveloveat34

        $300 is more than enough for Chiba or Katsu-ya. Both are excellent and very different from one another. Katsu-ya can be very crowded. The more I think of it Mariscos Colima might be your bet. They have a grilled seafood platter for two that feeds four. Here's a link to their website, It can get loud there when the mariachis are playing, but the people are very nice, and the food excellent. If you do choose this warn your parents not to fill up on soup and chips (they have a good salsa) as the seafood platter will be more than two normal people can eat.

        1. re: ebethsdad

          wow! that menu looks awesome for seafood...i think that would be more my style, so i will have to take them there when i am home for a visit! thanks for the suggestion!!

    2. There are a plethora of choices that meet your criteria in the Valley. For new style sushi there's Katsu-ya. Traditional sushi I would suggest Chiba or Nozawa. Asanebo is a Michelin rated Japanese restaurant, but its pretty expensive. For Mexican seafood I recommend Mariscos Colima. Puro Sabor is a lovely Peruvian restaurant, but its not in the greatest neighborhood...not sure it would reach the unforgettable plateau, but it is very good. Asanebo is probably your best bet. BTW I hear very good things about Pizzeria Basta in Boulder.

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      1. re: ebethsdad

        Thanks for your suggestions! Yes Basta is great as well as Locale, there seem to be lots of new pizza places opening here but I still miss the plain slices at Rutgers and nyc! :-)

      2. Hi There,

        I'm Korean and my parents really love Crustacean when they are celebrating something special. It's an upscale Euro- Vietnamese fusion restaurant in Beverly Hills and the decor is really beautiful and unique. The entrance is built on a glass aquarium so you're literally walking on top of a river full with Koi fish.

        In the Valley, I really like Kiwami which is also part of the Katsu-ya Family. They offer traditional sushi with really great twists. An example, they have a yellow tail sampler with 4 different types of yellow tail all prepared with truffle in unique ways. The atmosphere is not much more than your regular sushi place, but the food is top notch.

        You could easily dine at both locations with a $300 budget. Hope this helps!

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        1. re: jahn702

          ohh thank you for your suggestions! those both sound like great options :-)

        2. and if they're anything like my parents be sure to (and lie if you have to) tell them the gift card expires soon and then it's wasted.

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          1. re: hill food

            I love that. You should probably also say its non-transferable. I hope they have a wonderful Christmas, and you as well.

          2. We recently had my father's birthday dinner at Sushi-gen. My father is approaching 70 and has lived in SOCAL for the past 40 years. We sat at the sushi bar, ordered a super nice bottle of sake and he had the meal of his life... Seriously, he really enjoyed it.

            It won't break the bank. Sushi for 4 of us including a nice bottle of sake was around $400.