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Dec 20, 2011 11:05 AM

using frozen peas for pea soup

i have never made this before but i would like to make it using frozen peas. i was going to chop up some carrots onion celery and saute it add peas ham hock and simmer in stock

how does that sound any suggestions

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  1. I don't know about making it with frozen peas. I use dried, which comes out great.

    1. You can, but it won't be like Split Pea soup. Fresh Pea soup is a whole different animal, although still delicious.

      1. Frozen peas are better for a Spring "fresh" pea soup, made with chicken stock, cream, scallions, a squeeze of lemon, maybe some dill, pureed in the blender or FP.

        What you want with your ingredients, as other posters have mentioned, is dried green or yellow split peas.

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          Ditto. Frozen peas are used for fresh pea soups. For thick winter-type split-pea soup, dried green split-peas are the way to go.

        2. Fresh peas play better with a lighter broth, usually chicken, than with something as hearty as a ham hock or anything smoked. You mentioned this idea on another thread. Why are you so set on not using split peas? If it's a matter of using up a bounty of frozen ones, ask for suggestions about THAT.

          1. As other posters have mentioned, split peas are more appropriate for the soup you describe. Split peas do not require soaking, just a longer simmer than fresh peas (or frozen peas) would.