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Dec 20, 2011 10:39 AM

Beef with Barolo -- the day before

I'm making Lidia Bastianich's Beef Braised in Barolo for Christmas dinner and would like to cook the whole thing the day before. How would you save and then reheat it? This is basically a pot roast, so I'm thinking of just leaving the meat in the sauce in the pot overnight in the fridge, then bringing it to room temp the next morning and reheating in a low oven, adding more wine or stock if needed. Any other thoughts?

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  1. I made the version of this that is adapted for Epicurious, and I kept it in the cooking pot overnight in my refrigerator, and it came out great. Best pot roast ever. The fat rose to the top in the refrigerator, and I removed it before reheating.

    I changed the recipe a little. I used a decent Barbera, instead of Barolo, as the latter was too expensive. And I reconstituted the dried porcini mushrooms and cleaned them before adding them to the pot, as I have never encountered dried porcinis that weren't full of grit. I used a 7-bone roast, which fit perfectly in my All-Clad brasier and only needed one bottle of wine to cover. I also cooked it covered and dispensed with turning it back and forth every half hour.

    1. I'd suggest you cut the meat to your desired serving sizes while cold and then return it to your cooking liquid and just heat through, much easier that way.