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Dec 20, 2011 10:04 AM

White tablecloth Chinese restaurant in Hudson County?

I'm looking for a nicer Chinese place to have Christmas Eve dinner - not a Pei Wei, PFChang chain type of place, but a family run, local type of place. Wheelchair accessible would be nice. And not in Hoboken or Jersey City, if possible - somewhere with a parking lot? We're staying in Secaucus, and the rest of the family is in Weehawken.

Keeping my fingers crossed . . .


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  1. Do you mean like an upscale sort of Americanized Chinese place? There may be a few, and I can't think of any other than Chengdu 46 (which might be worth the drive if that's what you really want). While there are a few really good Chinese restaurants, most of sort of holes in the wall.

    King Duck in Edgewater is the only place that comes to mind near Edgewater. Cant vouch for the food, though.

    1. China Star or Silver Pond in Fort Lee. White tablecloth, old style Americanized Chinese places. Big pots of tea and bowls of fried noodles.