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Dec 20, 2011 08:39 AM

Gangchen closing?

Does anyone know what's happening with Gangchen? This is one of my favorite spots and I just saw this on Heavy Table's list of closings:

•Gangchen, 1833 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis. Re-opening as Tibet Kitchen.

Does anyone know if it's the same people running the show? Any of the same menu items? I'm bummed!

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  1. Oh no. Such a tasty dive and a cheap Friday night outing.

    1. Tibet Kitchen is now open in the old Gangchen space. I never went to the old Gangchen, so I can't tell you how the new place compares. I can tell you I had an utterly delicious bowl of vegetable stew with chewy hand made noodles (thenthuk), and I am scheming how I can go back again for more. Also, the new menu and the menu on the Gangchen website are nearly identical, so maybe it was mostly a name change.

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        Thanks annal! I was just wondering when that place was going to be open and if it would similar to Gangchen (which i loved). I can't wait to check it out...maybe tonight after work. I'll report back.