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Dec 20, 2011 08:33 AM

Sides with lobster

Having a small - just 4 of us - immediate family dinner on Christmas eve and I'm thinking of lobster. We don't actually celebrate Christmas but always have a fancypants dinner on the 24th. So lobster - boiled or steamed - but stumped on side dishes. I rarely do lobster in the winter so can't quite think of what to serve with the critters. A nice salad, for sure. Some kind of potato of other thing. A veg? Any suggestions? Would like to make this nice, despite the messiness of eating the lobsters themselves. For dessert, not sure but either creme brulee or creme caramel.

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  1. i would think corn on the cob, cheesy mashed potatoes or scalloped potatoes. Enjoy your lobsters--sounds fantastic!

    1. since it is hard to get good corn on the corb in the winter ...i would do corn pudding! A green salad maybe duchess potatos or twice baked...we do homemade chips with ours!

      1. How about Garlic Fries? We are doing crab legs on Christmas Day and I plan to serve these

        1. Whole lobsters - boiled or steamed - are both fancy, fun, & rich at the same time. If it was summer I'd suggest corn on the cob. But when I serve them during the winter - every Valentines Day - I just serve a big green salad & commercial shoestring fry potatoes (like many of the lobster shacks do). And of course lemon-spiked melted butter!!! Makes for a great meal, & perfect for company if you plan on serving an appetizer (chowder maybe?) & dessert.

          1. Endive with a shallot vinaigrette, walnuts & roquefort or a frisee salad with asparagus and parmigiano curls and an anchovy-lemon vinaigrette. Both somewhat tart, which works with the richness of the lobster & butter. Add good bread and champagne and you're basically done --
            Maybe some boiled small potatoes with parsley if you want something else on the plate.