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Dec 20, 2011 08:15 AM


I'm looking for the best BLTs in Dallas.

(Note: I generally prefer to nix the mayo and add avocado, so if avocado is an option, that's a plus, but not a requirement.)

I'm a big fan of the BLTA at Lee Harvey's and looking for other options.

Ok, go!

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  1. My pick (not to mention what got me to like BLTs in the first place- I loathe raw tomato before theirs!) is AllGood Cafe in Deep Ellum. It's cheap and loaded with bacon. They do always ask if you want avocado but I say no. I believe they've won local awards for best blt too.

    1. The best BLT is at Smoke, although it's not on the menu. Huge thick slabs of house-made bacon and curiously good out of season tomatoes.

      1. BOLSA! They have the best BLT I ever had....Perfecly cooked bacon, homemade aioli, fresh arugula, and local tomatoes on really good house made focaccia bread. You have to check their menu, because they change it.

        1. I consider the pork belly BLT at the Commissary the best sandwich I have had in Dallas. Usually not served in the afternoon. The tomato is sous vide.

          1. Ok, so I had the BLT at Crossroads Diner (75 and Walnut Hill) and it is definitely worth mentioning. Tons of crisp, salty bacon, fresh tomatoes, and greens. I added avocado and a fried egg. It comes on the same brioche they use for their french toast. It was huge; when it arrived in front of me I declared that I was only going to eat half. Predictably, I polished off the entire thing. Fantastic.