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Dec 20, 2011 06:58 AM

Nisi Greek Restaurant Closing

I got this email today

To all of our loyal guests who have supported us since we opened in January 2009, We Simply Want to Say “Thank you.”

Nisi Estiatorio will serve its last dinner at the current location, 90 Grand Avenue, Englewood, on December 31, 2011, New Year’s Eve. We are currently in the process of securing another location. When that happens, we will reach out to everyone to let you know where and when we will re-open. Until then, you can expect the same level of food and service that has earned us the reputation as one of Bergen County’s, and state of New Jersey’s, finest restaurants.

Please join us in our last few weeks as we bid farewell to our beloved Nisi, and to all of you, without whom none of our success would have been possible.

Thanks again, folks, and all of our best wishes for a blessed, healthy and prosperous holiday season and New Year!

YA’ HARA! (Greek for “BE HAPPY!”)

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  1. This was in the Record 10 days ago. But we still have Axia, which I always liked better, anyway.

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    1. re: menton1

      I guess the record got their email a little earlier than I did.
      I agree I like Axia better as well. I actually hosted a holiday lunch for my department yesterday. Everything was wonderful.

    2. i was bummed to see this, because as we all know these "relocations" often don't actually happen. i love both Nisi & Axia and it's nice to have more than one option. i also like the fact that Nisi's menu is so seafood-centric.

      has either of you tried Baste, the casual chicken place in Ridgewood that the Axia folks opened over the summer? the Dining Out Under $50 review in the record a few weeks ago was pretty positive. clearly a much different experience in terms of menu and ambiance, but sounds cozy:

      1. I spoke with the owner's daughter and she said that they're relocating to Soho. Just an FYI.