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Dec 20, 2011 06:46 AM

ISO City Ham Shank End

Do you guys know where I can find a city ham with the bone in shank end at least 20% protein? Checked out all the local grocery flyers and all I see is the process/tumbled boneless ham. I wanted to make Alton Brown's city ham recipes. Do we call it something different here in Montreal?

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  1. I think we call it something different here. I have never heard of a "city ham". Is it called this in contrast to the "country ham"? I think it refers to a wet-cured ham and I would check with one of the butchers at the Atwater or Jean Talon markets for a bone-in, shank-end ham. I can get bone-in hams at my local grocery store, too, especially around this time of the year. The little process hams you are referring to are the "toupie" hams, available everywhere, all the time.

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      Thanks for the help. Do you think the bigger grocery stores will carry them?

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        I should think so. My grocery store is not a big one and it's not in a very upscale neighbourhood, but it usually has the bone-in hams. Not a big selection, though, and you would get a better choice at one of the markets, or a butcher shop, if there's one convenient to you. For a ham, poultry or other special occasion item, I usually go to the Atwater market. The butchers there will be able to identify exactly what you want.