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Dec 20, 2011 05:38 AM

What's open evening of December 25?

Arriving in N.O. after a 20-hour car trip, so not interested in dressing up for fine dining, or making a reservation, since we don't know exactly when we will arrive. Looking for casual, but good food not too far from our hotel in the convention center area, but we can drive to other neighborhoods. Ethnic is fine. Thanks.

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    1. re: pizzajunkie

      Any idea if they will be updating this website for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 2012? I'd like to start planning my trip, but need to know what will be available for 24th dinner and 25th breakfast, lunch and dinner.

      1. re: TeacherFoodie has abundant lists, but they tend to get out of date, I suggest you pick out a few spots, and then either call or email each restaurant directly to confirm they plan to open again this year.

        New Orleans has many fine independent restaurants located in hotels, including Domenica, R'evolution, and Cafe Adelaide, so there is a strong chance you will find some good spots for your holiday meals.

          1. re: Gizmo56

            Agreed. A number of the oft recommended restaurants are in hotels so will be open Christmas Eve. But many of the others may be closed so if you have a few that you are really interested in around your hotel make the calls.

      2. Your choice will be mainly in hotels. From the list given in the link below the closest are
        7 on Fulton, Wolf's, Zoe's, Windsor Court (probably the only one that is dress up) and the places connected with the casino.

        A bit further away are Dominica, Luke and Bombay Club. These 3 might be your best choices. Most N.O. restaurants are Friday business casual kind of places and I think on Christmas evening they will take in all travelers. I've only heard minor buzz on 7 on Fulton.

        1. Here's a couple of links to Christmas in NOLA. You might like Drago's in the Hilton just E of the convention center. Enjoy your visit.

          OPEN FOR CHRISTMAS...........

          1. We're staying at a friend's house Uptown (Near Maple Leaf Bar). Our Xmas day is based here. Cooter Brown's for Oysters (been there 3 times already! Sweet, Briny and PLUMP! At $12/dz and 30 great beers on tap, it can't be beat IMO. I will never go back to the quarter for Oysters). Squeal (BBQ Joint on Oak St. Had a convo with the Chef yesterday while he was finishing up some 'cue on the outside smoker. looked and smelled AWESOME). Then Maple Leaf Bar for Shrimp Boil and Walter "Wolfman" Washington at Maple Leaf. He kicks ass!

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            1. re: mlane

              Stop in at OAK, nice wine bar in the first block of Oak Street. Also in that neighborhood is Cowbell for hamburgers and Brigtsen's for excellent dining.