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Dec 20, 2011 05:17 AM

Charcuterie Ratinaud

Do check out Charcuterie Ratinaud at their new location on Gottingen Street in Halifax. They are on the ground floor of a new apartment buildng in the second block north of Cunard Street, west side.

They don't have a large range of products but what they do have is remarkable. Their sausages, especially the Saucisson Toulouse, are incredibly good. Picked up some jars of duck fat and have tried their quiches as well. They bring in cheeses from Québec too, Foie Gras Mousse and some tempting patés. Let's hope they get the support they need to expand. They are also at the Seaport Market but seem to sell out quickly.

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  1. I had the opportunity to try some of their stuff a couple months ago - cannot quite remember what I ate but I do remember enjoying it greatly!

    1. Try not to be put off by the decidedly bare-bones retail space... the goodies are head and shoulders above the unfortunate physical space.

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        I was pumped to hear such a place was opening here in our gourmet starved town, especially in the world of pates and terrines and duck confit - oh my! I bought three types of pates (can't remember which ones as this took place just a week or two after the place opened), duck rillette, saucisson Toulouse (haven't seen these since I left Montreal!), and mini quiches in my excitement. The pates were OK but did not have alot of flavour, very nice texture, the quiches were delicious and the Toulouse were excellent. Haven't been back since as I found the overall price not worth the effort unfortunately. Hope this place remains and there are enough townies to support it. I am moving back to Montreal in a few months and will be back in the land of gourmet everything - can't wait!!! Nice to know there will be a place like Ratinaud for everyone I leave behind.

      2. Thanks for reminding me this place exists. We heard of it, but as 'seeing in believing' (or maybe 'location, location, location') just never got around to visiting. My question: in your opinion, is the retail staff knowledgable enough about their wares to answer allergy questions? I have a Celiac to cater for and, though charcuteries and pates SEEM to be okay, they can fool the unwary.

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          Since they make most everything, I would hope they would be knowledgeable

        2. OK: made it to this store with visions of excellence (even responding to gluten-free) challenge and was NOT disappointed! The pate de foie mousse was superb (though pricey) and the chorizo is the best I ever tasted and held up well to inclusion in a spicey tomato-squash sauce, as well as on it's own. We will be back!

          1. Actually, Ratinaud is SOUTH OF CUNARD St. I put this caps not because I am excited, but just in case anyone reading does head north, and misses this wonderful place.
            I was so shocked when a charcuterie opened in Halifax, let alone Gottingen Street. They are still there, and hopefully going strong. Definitely worth a visit, authentic wonderful French deli.