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Best SLICE in Brooklyn

I'm planning a walking tour (for a hiking club) centered on finding the best slices of Pizza
in Brooklyn.
We will cross the Brooklyn Bridge and wind up in
Sheepshead Bay.

I plan to get to DiFara, Del Mar (Sheepshead Bay) , and Spumoni Garden (not a favorite but
a classic).

Can I get any recommendations for Cobble Hill, Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights.
Windsor Terrace, Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst?

Slices only - no Grimaldi, Lucali or Totonos

Thanks much

Di Fara Pizza
1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11230

L&B Spumoni Gardens
2725 86th St, Brooklyn, NY 11223

Delmar Pizzeria
1668 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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  1. For Bensonhurst, there too many to list. I like J&V on 18th Avenue and 64th Street (pepperoni slice) and also Italia on King's Highway and West 6th (for the Sicilian).

    J&V Pizzeria
    6322 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204

    307 Kings Hwy, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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    1. re: Sluggo1407

      Thanks Sluggo - right on our way and We'll try J & V

      1. re: mike in brooklyn

        J&V has to be doing something right. They've been in that location for 61 years.

    2. I dont know if you want ANOTHER place in Sheepshead Bay but, for a SLICE, not just a slice (!) you might want to try my favorite place (for eat-in AND home delivery) - V&S ITALIAN KITCHEN & PIZZERIA - 1723 Emmons Avenue - Bklyn NY 11235 - 718-332-7300. I am what my friends call a "pizza snob". I know what I like & I could be starving but refuse to eat inferior pizza! V&S has GREAT SAUCE! Crust is thin (has to be for me!). And the view from outside is nice (across from the Bay!). I know you are not going to "eat" but their heros kick butt too! And I am NOT an owner or have an interest in the place---the only interest is getting my order correct! Your walking tour sounds great---hope you have a great time & eat some great slices! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Diane from Coney Island NY PS: Could you stop by my place with some DiFara's on your way? I have never been there--except in my dreams! LOL and I dont get the raves for L&B Spumoni Gardens?? I have had their food a few times--I am not impressed!

      V&S Pizza
      1723 Emmons Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11235

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      1. re: babybsmom

        Thanks Babysmom - I live in Manhattan Beach and have known V & S since they opened,
        my wife's favorite but I like Del Mar - do get to DiFara (who has reopened after being closed for health violations) - I think they are a bit too heavy with the oil but you should make up your own mind.

        1. re: babybsmom

          I have to agree with you on L&B Spumoni Gardens, Babybsmom. I gave it two tries, just to be sure. Both times it was like eating undercooked dough slathered with tomato paste. Just awful! Maybe it used to be great, but not the two times I was there.

        2. Sheepshead Bay is a pizza wasteland. Delmar's is not a destination. It serves up mediocre slices of reheated pizza -- pizza cooked perhaps hours before you'll eat it. V&S sucks.

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          1. re: pizmet

            I like Del Mar - over 50 years in business, crisp thin crust and tasty sauce - to each his own.

            Delmar Pizzeria
            1668 Sheepshead Bay Rd, Brooklyn, NY 11235

          2. I heard a rumor that Di Fara was closed. Confirm before you go. If you do decide to try Lucali be aware that they are not open for lunch. Only Dinner.

            L&B Spumoni is classic and different. A must on my pizza tour.

            If there are several people on the walking tour why not hit the "no slice" places.

            575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

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            1. re: Motosport

              Hi Motosport! DiFaras' is open for business. I just checked their Facebook page. Just thought I would let you know! Happy Holidays! Diane

            2. I agree with Motosport, try some pies while you're at it. Grimaldi's pies come out in less than 5 minutes but the problem is the line of tourists. In Bay Ridge, Gino's at 7414 5th Ave and Vesuvio's 7305 3rd Ave are decent. Although Vesuvio's does a much better job on their personal pies.

              1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

              Gino's Restaurant
              7414 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

              7305 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

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              1. re: knarfwhite

                I agree - Grimaldi's is just too full of tourists - have you tried Ignazzio's around the corner?
                I know Gino's but it is a bit out of our way. Thanks for the reply.

                1. re: knarfwhite

                  I organized a "party bus" pizza tour for my 60th birthday. I wanted to hit as many pizza joints in Brooklyn and Manhattan as we could in a day.

                  My plan was to call ahead and order the pies to go to save time. Our first scheduled noon stop was Grimaldi's. I called for 20 minutes and no one even picked up the phone. Not even an answering machine. I wondered if they were open. Of course there was a huge line of pizza worshippers from all over the USA. I was able to go in right away and order the pies to go. It still took over an hour to get 3 pies!!! Yikes!! We ate in the park by the river. The pizza was very good but I.M.H.O. not worth the grief and wait.
                  On the other hand when we called Tottonno's in Coney Island to place our order. They said: "we'll hold three tables for you!!!!" Excellent pizza too!!

                  1 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                  Totonno's Pizzeria Napolitano
                  1524 Neptune Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11224

                2. There's plenty of good pizza in Brooklyn. The best is very subjective. Why not swing by Best Pizza in Williamsburg for a few slices and their famous meatball hero

                  Best Pizza
                  33 Havemeyer St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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                  1. re: AubWah

                    Aug - Williamsburg is just too far out of our route from Brooklyn Bridge to Sheepshead Bay or
                    Coney Island - but I'll certainly give them a try next time I'm there.

                  2. Hey Mike! Thx for your reply--and tell your wife she has great taste! I just wanted to give you a heads up on an AMAZING pizza & Italian restaurant if you ever go to Howard Beach? Its called Ginos and it ROCKS! It rocked way back in the 80's when I worked at Kennedy Airport and I just got a "Ginos" update a few days ago from someone who just went there. They re-did the whole place--now its modern & pretty--and my "favorite" pizza is NOT on the menu anymore--but I am sure they would make it for me! FYI--their address is 158-46 Crossbay Blvd. Howard Beach NY 11416 718 738-4113. I used to have to bring home a whole pie--cause I turned my neighbors on to that amazing pizza! And their restaurant part was always buzzing! Sorry if I am running on here--I miss that pizza! My mouth is watering! Happy Holidays--Diane from Coney Island

                    Gino's Pizzeria
                    158-46 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414

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                    1. re: babybsmom

                      Do you think Gino's is open Christmas Eve? I have to pick up some people at JFK 7pm and they want to eat, so around 7:30--8pm this SAT. Anythig else good at Gino besides pizza? Thanks

                      1. re: gnocchi

                        Hey gnocchi! (luv the name!) I am replying because I think you were asking me? All the food and specialites are good there. The friend who just went had a shrimp dish with sundried tomatoes--he said it was great there--not so great 2nd day leftovers reheating because it is made with an oil based sauce! I do not think you could make a bad choice though! And I did print the phone number for Ginos in my post--why not give them a call? I might even call them just to see if they still would make the "Ginos Special" pizza even if its not on menu anymore! Enjoy! Diane from Coney Island

                    2. No "slice" tour is complete without a stop at CICCIO'S on Avenue U near West 4th Street. The distinctive sesame-seeded crust will win you over. Quality sauce and good variety.

                      On Friday's, as I recall, they sell a fresh clam pie which somewhat resembles Frank Pepe's specialty in New Haven, however sold by the slice!

                      It's certainly on the road to your final destination.

                      Ciccio Pizza
                      207 Avenue U, Brooklyn, NY 11223

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                      1. re: Mike R.

                        Well, I don't know about Mike In Brooklyn, but I'm on my way to Ciccio's today for that clam slice. I was raised across the street from Pepe's in New Haven and love their clam pizza.

                        1. re: Sluggo1407

                          Call first...as stated, I'm pretty sure it's only on Fridays.

                        2. re: Mike R.

                          Thanks Mike

                          We'll be walking very close to Ciccio's and will plan to stop in - I am a bit of a classic pizza eater, thin crust, cheese and sauce - that's it, but sesame seed crust sounds good

                          1. re: Mike R.

                            Wow, that sounds great. There aren't a whole lot of places in NYC that do clam pies as far as I can tell.

                            Question: When you say "fresh clams", do you mean that the clams are shucked to order, or at least shucked earlier that day? Because canned clams (like some places use) totally defeats the purpose of a clam pie.

                          2. Try House of Pizza and Calzones in Carroll Gardens. It's super yummy and traditional "slice." I hear Fasceti's in Brooklyn Hts is good but I've never been there. In Park Slope, my favorite slice is at Villa Rustica on 3rd St and 5th Ave. If you do try pies, go to either Fornino or La Villa in Park Slope as well.

                            House of Pizza and Calzone
                            132 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

                            La Villa
                            261 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                            80 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

                            Villa Rustica
                            357 3rd St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                            256 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215

                            1. I dont know if I am weird but the words "clam" & "pizza" were never meant to be said in the same sentence? HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!

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                              1. re: babybsmom

                                Some of us, weirdly, actually eat the thing and LOVE it!
                                BTW, the first one I ever had was from Lombardi's coal oven (Manhattan), and was pretty darn good.

                                1. re: babybsmom

                                  Oh, if you've never had a good one, you should seek it out. A good clam pie is a wonder to behold!

                                  Unless of course you don't like clams. Or pizza.

                                    1. re: Motosport

                                      Clams--love baked clams, steamers maybe fried?
                                      Pizza--if I didnt love pizza--what am I doing posting here?
                                      Pie!! Most kinds--coconut custard, chocolate cream, apple crumb

                                      But the three words were NOT meant to be together on one plate--sorry guys--the idea of it turns my stomach! Oh well--thats what makes the world such an interesting place! Regards ALL!

                                      1. re: babybsmom

                                        Well, not to belabor the point...

                                        I too was skeptical when I first heard about a clam pizza. My wiser friends convinced me to give it a try. It's no more shocking/degenerate than linguine and clam sauce.

                                        But getting back to the point of the OP. I don't think you'd want to get clam pizza by the slice. That's one item that would be better served as a whole pie right out of the oven. You wouldn't want that sitting under a heat lamp, to be reheated.

                                        1. re: egit

                                          I think you're onto something. Maybe I can order a whole small pie. If it's as good as Pepe's clam pie, I'll have no trouble finishing it.

                                          1. re: Sluggo1407

                                            My favorite slice is Best Pizza. I also really like the eggplant slice over at The House of Pizza and Calzone in Carroll Gardens

                                            1. re: Daniel76

                                              "The House of Pizza and Calzone" only in Brooklyn!!!

                                    2. re: egit

                                      if you like clams and white sauce you would love clam pizza . Frank Pepes clam pie is just beyond good . I cant say anything more other than that about it its perfect in every way

                                      1. re: rtk88

                                        I know we're on the Outer Boro Board but since you put in Frank Peppe, I have to second Frank Pepe in New Haven. The one in Yonkers is not quite as good. Also DiLorenzo in Robbinsville, NJ makes a terrific pizza.

                                        1. re: irvingk

                                          I agree the other store in Hartford is not as good as the Hew Haven one . I emailed them about it and they said mabey the oven isnt seasoned as well ???
                                          But I was driving by Grimaldis and the line was very long on Saturday at 130 . We ended up at Difaras . It was excellent and then went to Aurthur Ave and got some stuff . We stopped at Dominicks to have dinner but never made it past the fried calamari and baked clams appitizer ( They give you a bakers dozen dont see that often these days ) to full so we never ordered entrees . Theres always next time . Their prices are very reasonable and portions are big

                                  1. I think Not Ray's in Fort Greene has great slices (and even better pies). Easier than to schlep out to Totonno's.