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Dec 20, 2011 12:54 AM

Looking for a place for lunch in Fort Lee

I am arranging to meet with some old friends for lunch and we will meet in Fort Lee. We are looking for a moderately priced place which is casual. I've already had rec's for The Big Red Tomato and Franco's Metro Restaurant and Pizzaeria.
I know there are many Asian type restaurants in that area. Korean is not an option. Does anyone have any other recommendations for me? We want to stay in Fort Lee as one of the women is quite elderly and doesn't want to travel very far from home.
Chowhound has proved to be dependable in the past. I hope someone can be of help to us this time.

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  1. Slim pickings in Fort Lee-- Big Red Tomato is in dire need of a makeover, and the other place you mentioned is a Pizza parlor with tables. There's also It's Greek to Me, but that's mediocre at best. Their new digs are attractive, though.

    You could try moving over to Tenafly and Axia, its only about a 7 minute ride...

    1. if you're open to Spanish cuisine, Meson Madrid in Palisades Park is really close to the Fort Lee/Pal Park border.

      Meson Madrid Restaurant
      343 Bergen Blvd, Palisades Park, NJ 07650

      1. Actually, Franco's Metro is a good choice. The restaurant has a separate entrance from the pizza place and is quite nice. There is a full bar with a decent selection of wine, the food is consistently good, and the service is excellent. My wife and I take my mom (who is in her mid-80's and lives in a Fort Lee high-rise) here often. You might want to also consider River Palm Terrace which is just a few minutes next door in Edgewater and is another favorite of my mother.

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          we love the River Palm but i don't know if it qualifies as "moderately priced."

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            It is not moderately priced at night, but you can eat for less money at lunch. Their sandwiches and salads are excellent and generously portioned and might fit the budget.

        2. You can try the restaurant in the Fort Lee Doubletree hotel, which used to be the Fort Lee Hilton, on Rte 4 East. Each February, my doll club holds a mini-convention at the hotel, and I've eaten their brunch and had dinner there as well. The hotel also has a Japanese restaurant, but the regular restaurant is American/Italian/Continental. And then there is a more casual sandwich menu available across the aisle in the bar section. Very good food, reasonably priced.

          1. I think I am going to suggest Franco's and River Palm. I don't really know the area, but one of the attendees does. She should be able to get us to River Palm. I'll check thee website to see if their lunch menu is within our budget.
            The person we are taking to lunch is also in her 80's. That is why we don't want to go far. She is Greek, so I would think mediocre Greek food is out of the question.
            Thank you so very much for your suggestions. I knew I could count on my Chowhounders for help.

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              River Palm doesn't open for lunch on Sunday. Darn!