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Dec 19, 2011 11:59 PM

Places that serve snake, gator and other exotic meats

Me and my friend are really trying to find unusual eats in San Diego but it appears that this places doesn't have a lot of diversity in it's meals.

Does anyone know of any places that serves snakes or gator? Not in soup form.


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    1. Mardi Gras Cafe in Point Loma has gator meat available for purchase and serves a great alligator sausage sub


      1. Tioli's Crazy burger serves a gator burger and they used to serve a snake burger but the city health board made them pull the snake from the menu. Supposedly the supplier of the snake meat was certified to only sell in the state of Nevada and there was some sort of problem bringing it into California. They do have several other exotic meats as well though all in burger form.

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          It wasn't "snake", it was rattlesnake so because of its venom it has to be handled in special ways.