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Dec 19, 2011 09:45 PM

Nina's Waffles & Sweets, Red Bank (White Street)

We had the pleasure of sampling a few of their Belgium waffles (yeast dough not batter) this week! Covered in pearls of sugar and super crispy. I went with a Nutella and banana waffle and was a very happy early riser this morning!

Either "naked" or topped with cannoli cream, Nutella, marmalade, fruit...and many inspiring combinations this looks promising. Also waffles can be ordered with a scoop of ice cream and we noticed some handy waffle pops. Nina's also bakes bar cookies, pies, cakes, tarts, cheesecakes, croissants (in mini sizes, 12" pies and 10" cakes) that looked very appealing for small dinner parties.

Party trays and catering is avail from what I read on the brochure. ie: Waffle Bites; a tray of 100 for $35.00 served with chocolate & caramel.

They also run a full coffee cafe with all the usual java suspects to go with that freshly prepared waffle.

Nina's only in town two months, tiny baking space but a smart use of it. The wonderful smells of fresh baked waffles hits you the min. you park your car. So follow your nose!

15 White Street


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    1. re: leesh782

      Leesh782, could you share what you've tried at Nina's. Thanks.

      1. re: HillJ

        I love the "naked" waffle.. as is, heated up. I don't need any toppings. It's crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside, and smells incredible. I've had one for breakfast and just as easily, had one for dessert. However... if i'm feeling the craving, then i've gotta go with the chocolate-covered m&m waffle on a stick. I had one of these today and I have no regrets! I definitely recommend you try it. I hear they're going to be adding ice cream to the menu soon as well. I think some outdoor tables (or even 2 benches) would be a nice addition. I look forward to seeing them thrive as the weather warms up.

        1. re: leesh782

          Good to know about waffles and ice cream. It's one of my dh's fav treats.

    2. After they were gone to the shore all summer, it was a pleasant surprise to find them there yesterday evening as we walked to Red for dinner in Red Bank. They do indeed have ice cream now and also almond croissant and a few other items.

      Everyone liked their waffles and I was impressed with the variety of toppings.