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Dude demands a booth...

Please help. My 6'4 guy's priorities for dinner out : 1.)comfy booth 2.)ambiance...as in not super bright 3.) quality food. 4.)good service. Me? I just want high quality, relatively healthy food and nice ambiance (which varies from moment to moment as to my mood, from divey to high end) He does really enjoy the comfy leather chairs and ambiance upstairs at Epic Roasthouse (though not a booth, they are cushy leather and tall enough tall enough that he can relax his head back on them.) After about 20 times out with him saying "Where's a good place with a booth"...I take it to the experts. SF Chowhounds, please give me your expertise on quality restaurants in this city with booths or high backed large cushy chairs. Thank you sooo much!

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      1. The new Parallel 37 at the Ritz Carleton has booths. Prospect has booths.

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            Tadich doesn't have booths in the sense she's talking about. They have those weird little roomlets, but they have regular chairs in them, and comfy seating seems to be the issue here. I'll add that Fifth Floor doesn't have booths, but it does have comfy banquettes.

          2. Harris', Alfred's. I think booths are rare in SF because they take up too much of the expensive real estate. Specify the booth requirement when reserving.

            Tadich and Sam's have wooden booths, not comfy. I think the same is true of Elite Cafe.

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              Thanks for the suggestions. I think you are right about the expense of booth space ...and agree that the booths at Elite, Sam's and Tadich aren't the most comfy. I think he still may prefer them to a regular chair because they are tall and he can lean his head back on them though.

            2. I had a nice cushy booth at Amber India recently.

                1. You all rock! Great suggestions. Especially loving Bix. It does seem that most of the restaurants with booths are steak houses or chains...makes sense in that they are probably the biggest money makers to spread out their seating. Any other thoughts for local SF restaurants other than steak houses?

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                    Slanted Door has comfy booths, though they may require a party larger than 2. Zero Zero has booths; some may 2-top and very cozy (too small for the Dude). Scala (Italian @ Union Square) and LaMar (Peruvian/cevice @ Embarcadero) both have booths.

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                      Doro's, Old Poodle Dog, Vannesi's, Iron Horse...

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                        Looking at photos of Txoco, I think they still might have some of Vanessi's booths.

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                        I think the other problem with booths is that they're inflexible: you can't regroup the tables to seat smaller or larger parties.

                      3. Bruno's has those old school giant red vinyl booths, not sure about the food. Farralon also has booths and ambiance but it's seafood and pricey and the booths are in the back.

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                          Bruno's is not currently a restaurant.

                        2. Maybe Absinthe? I have (foggy) memories of a cozy dinner for 2 in a comfy mini-booth or banquette corner.

                            1. While a lot of the paces mentioned above *do* have booths, I would say that most of them aren't the type where he can "rest his head" on the back. At his height, I can't imagine a booth with a 4' tall back is in many places.. In that case, Id probably go with somewhere that has a banquette against a wall instead.

                              Keiko a Nob Hill comes to mind

                              1. Hands down best booth is at Campton Place. I've ate there solo and they let me have my own booth no problem. Great for dinner, but their lunch has the best QPR IMO.


                                1. This request just makes me miss Dar Tunis even more...

                                  1. Great Ideas! Campton Place, Absinthe, Prospect. I have been paying close attention...and want to add, myself, that in paying close attention at Kokkari last week, Tables 9, 10 and 2 in the front room with the fireplace are fabulous and well worth requesting if making a reservation (all for two). Table 2 is a comfy booth for two in the window, and Tables 9 and 10 have cushy high backed chairs.

                                    1. Rendez-Vous and Nizza la Bella in Albany have booths and good food but the booths are seem too small for me and your BF is a foot taller.

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                                        Nizza la Bella's booths are not what I consider "comfy", but I haven't been in months. Have they been redone recently?

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                                          I did not find the booths at either one of the places I mentioned comfortable and don't recommend them for Brobdingnagians like the OP's BF.

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                                            It's been many years, but IIRC the "booths" at Nizza are of the wooden church pew variety and are not comfortable at all.

                                      2. Wayfare Tavern has beautiful big leather booths on the ground floor with a view of the kitchen.

                                        1. Let's look at this another way, sfcitygal:

                                          Tall Guy should be leaning forward, looking longingly into your eyes, hanging on your every word, laughing at each witticism you utter, hoping for even a chance to touch your delicate hand...he doesn't need a booth, because he shouldn't be leaning back at all.

                                          Just a thought, but a simple solution to your booth problem.

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                                            Hilarious! So true...but, wait, that's another website! ;)

                                          2. Aziza has nice booths and great food

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                                              Not much of an Aziza fan, but I do recall their booths are raised slightly, which helped with comfort. I'm always partial to a booth, but I often find them the opposite of comfortable. it's really common to feel cramped up in those things, without a place to put ones legs.

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                                                I agree with you both. Aziza has fabulous food and ambiance in the front room. The booths have a great vibe...and i'm gonna give them a thumbs up...even in the leg room is a bit cramped.