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Dec 19, 2011 08:51 PM

Where do I find cake flour in (western) San Francisco?

I checked both Safeways near me, Ocean Beach and Cabrillo locations, and neither one had cake flour. Saw the shelf tags, but both shelves were empty. I also checked Smart and Final, but did not see any cake flour there.

I've only been able to find AP and bread flours.

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  1. Andronico's must have it, but is that too far east for you?

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    1. re: Spenbald

      I did not think to check Andronico's! It's right on the other side of the Park and actually very close to work. I will check there next.

      I really only said western SF because I didn't want to go all over the city looking for a pack of flour since I live in Richmond near Washington High School and work near UCSF.

      1. re: jsdav

        Andronicos should have it, but just in case there's always Whole Foods on Stanyan near UCSF. They may have it in bulk and or box.

    2. Did you inquire at Safeway as to when it would be restocked? Stock often reappears on the shelves overnight.

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      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Many Safeway stores simply do not stock it. The horrible one (Mission & 30th) near my house never has in the past 7 years I've lived here. In fact, last time I inquired about "cake flour for baking cakes," they told me to go to the floral department.

      2. There is one more store I keep forgetting, Fresh and Easy on Clement...I'll have to check there too.

        I'm thinking cake flour isn't that popular an item since Safeway only carries one variety from Pillsbury and it was up way up on the top shelf where as the AP and bread flours were in the middle and they have many more varieties and sizes. Pillsbury and King Aurthur only produce 2 or 3 pound packs too.

        I did not ask when Safeway would restock the flour. I kinda figured it might be like the half-and-half and heavy cream situation in the days preceding Thanksgiving. I was unable to find either at both Safeways I mentioned on two separate days including one visit at about 8am. I later found some at Fresh and Easy.

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        1. re: jsdav

          If you're willing to sit on hold, Andronico's would probably check stock for you over the phone. I noticed recently that Safeway is almost all prepared food in packets, with only a few sparse aisles of ingredients for cooking from scratch.

        2. Andronico's has both Softasilk and King Arthur cake flour.

          1. i guarantee that rainbow grocery has it, not to mention free parking