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Kanpai Sushi on Lincon?

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Has anyone been to this place? I've heard it's pretty good for the price but want to hear what the hounds have to say.


Kanpai Japanese Sushi Bar & Grill
8325 Lincoln Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

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  1. You are half right. Its pretty good...but not for the price. The best way to do Kanpai is to go to restaurant.com and to buy a gift certificate. They offer $50 off $100 or $100 off $200. With one of these certificates, its becomes decently priced. To be fair, i generally order from their specials menu and those items are pretty expensive, but i find that if you use on of the gift certificates, its much more bearable. To illustrate, I ate there with my brother (so just 2 of us) the other night and the bill came to almost $300 before the certificate.