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Dec 19, 2011 08:04 PM

No Name Restaurant - Fish Pier in Boston

Any recent reports about No Name Restaurant? I might be there tomorrow, and I'm wondering what is good (and what is not-as-good)

Dave MP

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  1. I had vowed never to return to this place based on a disgusting experience eons ago, but a friend visiting from out of town with fond memories of the place from the 20th century dragged me out to it.

    I found myself enjoying the fish chowder a lot more than I expected to. I had two bowls. But I have not returned to repeat the experience, and that was some years ago now.

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      I have to second their fish chowder. It is what a proper chowder should be, not gloppy binded thick mess, but milky with lots of fish stock flavour.

      And I as well stopped eating anything else there eons ago! A bowl of chowder and an ice tea at a window table is surely a great hit.

    2. If you don't have to go, don't go. Your intestines will appreciate it.

      1. Maybe walk down the street and go to Yankee Lobster instead?

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          Yankee lobster is a far better choice. Take a walk around the commonwealth pier, the view is great.

        2. Haven't been for a long time, I'd only recommend the chowda, forget everything else.

          1. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. I ended up going today - it was my first time visiting.

            The upstairs dining room felt very "old school Boston" and it was decently crowded considering it's a Tuesday during the winter. We only ordered the seafood chowder, which contains fish (scrod), shrimp and clams.

            I thought the chowder was quite good - packed with flaky, fresh fish, which I really liked. Not a very strong clam flavor, though I did notice plenty of clams as well. The shrimp were a dark color (perhaps they were smoked?) but unfortunately had a somewhat mushy texture, and didn't really taste like shrimp - I think the soup would have been just as good without the shrimp.

            We were served some toasted garlic bread with the soup, which was nice for dipping. Nice views of the water and the fish pier, with some activity happening down below.

            I saw some broiled fish on other tables that looked good, the fried stuff looked a little less good, but maybe not that bad?

            It definitely wasn't disgusting, and my intestines are feeling fine, so I think this place could be worth another try!

            Dave MP

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              I may be wrong, but I think that the chowder is ever changing depending on what is brought to the docks, and it is always good, IMHO