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Dec 19, 2011 07:56 PM

Cinnamon Indian Cuisine in Rhinebeck (Wonderful)

I had a chance to gulp quickly thru the buffet at Cinnamon, a newish Indian in Rhinebeck.

There have been a few decent South Indian places in the Rhinebeck/Red Hook area, but, judging from my quick sample (super hurried - I never expected it to be this good, I just ran in for a quick bite), this one's extraordinary.

And that's just judging from the (unadventurous) buffet. Their menu includes stuff I've seldom seen, like Kolmi no Patio ( a Parsi shrimp curry thinckened with chiles, tamarind, and sweet jaggery), Eral Varuval (Tamil prawns), Kodi Vepudu (Andhra gingery/garlicky chicken), and Lal Mass (Rajasthani red lamb curry with garlic and tomatoes).

They don't seem to be doing a cute pan-Indian thing. It's not that sort of place, or crowd. I think they're just really into making these dishes.

Here's the menu

Cinnamon Indian Cuisine
5856 Route 9
Rhinebeck, NY

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  1. i keep meaning to stop in, but haven't had the time. and the last one i went to was a couple weeks ago on route 9 in wappingers, kabab palace i think? nothing worth going to from out of the area, normal indian buffet if you're in the area.

    what was on the buffet which was either 1) unique or 2) tasted great? would love to know, usually my family prefers buffets.

    and for those who are familiar with the area, it's a little south of rhinebeck, on an open stretch of route 9 - it's changed hands / names a couple times, but always an indian theme.

    thanks jim for posting about this!

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    1. re: bob gaj

      bob, I'm not a huge fan of buffets, myself, especially in places like this with a fascinating range on the menu. Buffets are essentially institutional cooking, and I only resorted to it because I was in a big hurry.

      But if you're a buffet guy, you'll surely like this one. And because the single best things about buffets is that it's easy to sample everything, you surely don't need tips from me! Anyway, everything was evenly good. Enjoy!

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Thanks for the report. I'll be moving up to that area soon when we finish building our distillery, so I'm keeping track of the good places to eat.

    2. I have to agree with you Jim. I've never loved Indian food as much as when I went to the lunch buffet at Cinnamon. We've been a couple of times already. The items on the buffet are different every time and everything is always delicious. I especially like how they bring fresh made naan, kept warm in a cloth covered basket, directly to your table when you sit down. They also bring everyone fresh made tandoori chicken on a sizzling hot skillet to your table. I always thought tandoori chicken was dry until I had it made fresh like this. And I couldn't believe the price, only $10 for such a great lunch!

      1. cinnamon is now open across the street from marist (not visible from route 9, but on the backside of the little strip mall), next to mole mole and across from the medical building.

        we got to try the rhinebeck location, and i liked it although it was a little out of the way for me. poughkeepsie location is perfect, especially since kismat = awful, the one in the hotel on route 9 is hit or miss, and (i believe) kabab palace closed its wappingers location after moving down from poughkeepsie.

        gotta go back one day this week.

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        1. re: bob gaj

          Is that that mall on the other side of Formosa?

          1. re: chowdom

            there's not really a mall up there; closest thing is a home depot plaza.

            but...if you exit out of formosa's door, and turn right while holding the building (and keep walking - away from route 9), but with hand on the building, you'll hit mole mole with your right hand and then cinammon.

            1. re: bob gaj

              Okay, thank you, I should have said the back side of ( the bldg) Formosa...Yay

          2. re: bob gaj

            Ooh, I'll have to try it! Yes, Kabab Palace is closed. Tanjore in Fishkill is the only place in southwestern Dutchess for Indian, and it's quite good, but it would be nice to have another place. Which brings me to...Nemmi's, which is an Indian restaurant that just opened maybe 2 weeks ago on Route 9D in Wappingers, where Lily Logan's used to be. I hope to check it out soon.

          3. cinnamon = awesome. just got back from lunch there, here's what was on the buffet (i suspect it changes):

            small plate of lettuce
            something which looked a bit like cole slaw
            six types of chutney: hot pickle, onion, mango, tamarind(?) , mint and raita.

            white rice
            chicken satay - with some type of mild spice
            lamb (gohst) and potato vindaloo - had a *nice* kick
            saag (spinach) and chickpea
            mushroom and greenpea in a garlic sauce
            a vegetable dish in a white sauce which had zucchini in it?

            you had to request the papadom, tandoori chicken and naan which would be brought to your table.

            i tried most of the dishes. they were all cooked properly and each had flavors - whether the taste was upfront (ie. vindaloo or a couple of the chutneys) or mild and sublime, they all went well. the mango lassi was nearly perfect as well.

            my friend likes indian food and has been with me to most of the places i've tried in the poughkeepsie area, and we both said it blew away any of the places we've been to in this area (neither of us have been to fishkill or red hook).

            other stuff:

            they're closed on tuesday. weekday buffet = 9.95, weekend = $13, sunday night "vishesh" buffet = $14.
            they told me that they are hoping to get a liquor license soon and at that time may try to serve indian tapas either between 5 and 7, or after 9 pm, or something like that.
            their regular menu looks awesome - has the dishes jim mentioned above - and i can't wait to get back and try it.

            just gotta make sure POK people and marist get this place happening; marist students now have three good places right across the street from them (formosa, mole mole, cinnamon) and don't have to resort to applebee's/mcdonald's/random pizza/subs.

            1. well, the POK branch is now closed. rhinebeck still open.

              terribly disappointed when i drove by today. so marist lost this place and formosa (there) changed from taiwanese to sushi+asian fusion. at least they now have naked food concepts...

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