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Dec 19, 2011 07:21 PM

What happened to Cat Cora

Is she still on the Iron Chef Show? I thought she was getting better and winning more competions but noticed that she was not on the rating panel.

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  1. She is probably no longer an Iron Chef. She is supposed to be retiring from that show. She is no longer shown in the line-up of the "pantheon" at the start of new episodes of ICA. Her retirement has been commented on for the past TWO seasons of TNIC - which I presume is what you must be referring to in terms of the 'judging panel' - where various conspiracy theories have been put out about a "female replacement" for Cat Cora.

    You will continue to see Cat Cora on Iron Chef America episodes, of course, as episodes she has already recorded but not yet shown on TV appear - but after that all will be reruns, unless it is a future special episode of some sort (if any) where she is invited back for that episode.

    1. Saw her on TV last week - the Nate Berkus show, I believe. Or maybe Craig Ferguson. The segment was so vapid that I can't even recall the host, much less the content.

      1. I imagine she & her partner are busy with their 3rd & 4th children:

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          That was my guess and doesn't she run CCQ, a bbq joint in CA?

        2. I know she has been involved in some projects with Disney World.

          1. Not sure why she did not catch on. Pretty personable and I liked her cookbook (Cooking from the Hip). Much better concept and execution than most celebrity cookbooks.

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              I like her and figured she was busy with her kids. But as far as personable, she's not really warm and fuzzy in person (in my experiences - which you could count on less than one hand and during events).

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                Personable? Not on TV (to me) there is a connection with the TV viewer that is missing.