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Dec 19, 2011 07:12 PM

Green Papaya

Anyone know where I can find shredded green papaya in Calgary

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  1. Asian grocery stores like t and t, tops 100

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    1. re: Budca sure TNT.carries it I have not seen shredded there

    2. just buy a mandolin and shred it yourself. takes a few minutes, tops.

      1. I've seen shredded green papaya here in a white plastic tub:
        Hong Kong International Food Market

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        1. re: rosetown

          thanks. I use to buy it from another place just of Memorial but they changed owners and do not sell it anymore. I am going to make a Thai salad

          1. re: greatdane12

            It looked good to me - and at times if you care, I found pea aubergine as well.