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Dec 19, 2011 06:30 PM

starting to plan a party...need help/ideas!!

So, The Husband's 40th is coming up this August and I am trying to come up w/ some ideas of where I can do a party for him. I know we need to be in Westchester or CT but no further than Stamford. Want a places where the drinks will be good and free-flowing, tasty apps and good food. Doesn't have to be sit down, could defintely be buffet. Just has to be interesting and fun. I don't have a guest list yet, but thinking at least 50 people. Have no idea of budget b/c I have never made this kind of party before.

Does anyone have ideas or thoughts? Has anybody done something like this lately and had successes or failures that I can learn from?

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  1. I had a private party at Sunset Cove in Tarrytown a few February's ago (inside, of course) I thought they did a great job. In the summer, they put a tent up outside overlooking the Hudson, there are parties there all the time, usually a buffet and they can accommodate a DJ or small band.

    1. do you want dancing and a dj/band type of place? or just dinner party with no dancing? if no dancing then I would do X20 or La Panetiere. If dancing then I would do private room at crabtree kittle house. sam's of gedney way also has a nice room and decent apps if that is more central for you.

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        if you want to do a bit more leg work then hire your favorite chef/team to cater the bash at crawford park mansion or the waveny house in Ct. I would hire The cookery guys or the chef from Harpers.

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          I like these ideas...definitely would want music. If it's just an Ipod going. I will check out these options, although I know from past experience there's a lot of "stuff" that goes into having an adult party at Crawford- a lot of riders for alcohol and stuff.
          I know it's in Stamford, but anyone know anything about Grand?

      2. has anyone had any experience w/ Vintage 1891 in Larchmont? Thanks all!!

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          Hate to post just to be negative especially about a place I have not tried myself but I have not heard good things. A friend told me she'd been three times with different friends and all three times the food was not good and they didn't have most of the wines on the list - and it is a wine bar supposedly.

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            oooh...that's not good at all. I will put it in the "skip" list.

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              what about vintage in white plains? I have heard it's a fun place but not sure about foods...

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                Very fun!! My SIL did her 40th there, so trying to come up w/ someplace different.

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                  how about LIFE in Ardsley. Abigail Kirsch does the catering. Went to a benefit there and it seemed cool. ok a bit bar mitzvah-ey but does not have to be if you get creative with decor... either way let us know where you book.

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                    another great idea. Will keep you posted. using the next few weeks to do some leg work!!

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                      We just went to a 40th at Harvest on Hudson which was fabulous. About 45 people apps and sit down dinner (they will also do buffet). I don't normally like Harvest that much (way over hyped) - but they did a wonderful job. Service was fabulous - kept the drinks and food coming all night. And the food was WAY better than any meal I have ever had there before. Really enjoyable evening. My husband did my 40th in the bar at 42 - that was also totally amazing!! He said they were very easy to work w/ and they gave him the big bar room which held 75 easy. Just drinks and apps - but it was great. Also let him bring in a band.

        2. Since you're doing this in August, you should strongly consider a booze cruise around the city. I don't know how much it would cost, but my friends did it for a 40th party and it was amazing. I believe they got their own DJ and Cater (both friends), but I think the boat itself wasn't crazy. we left from New Rochelle and the party was about four hours. It was perfect.

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            Good idea jhopp - I planned a cruise for a work event with Fjord Catering & Charters in Greenwich. It was really scenic, different and the food was good (not fabulous, but good). You could also do a New England clambake at the clambake area at Tod's Point in Greenwich (you have to reserve through Greenwich's Parks & Rec dept at Town Hall).

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              One comment I have to make regarding the catering. Know your guest list. I've been to some parties (weddings) that were really upscale, but the guest list wasn't and the food all went to waste. I've also seen the opposite where the crowd was mixed and the planners dumbed down the wedding and the more knowledgeable eaters were offended. Just a thought. Love the clambake idea..can I come?

          2. If August is the month-think weather. Hottest month of the year. If outdoors, daytime-humid, nighttime-bugs. Stay inside for the a/c-a 40 yo man will appreciate that. If you want more upscale and nicer, more mature atmosphere-definitaley Barcelona in Greenwich across from the library. Also depends on afternoon or night, weekday, weekend? More family (kids and out of town relatives), try Taphouse in Tuckahoe.