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Looking for Next iron chef finale - chef zakarian Crispy and Creamy Brussels Sprouts recipe

Anyone know if this is online somewhere? It looked fantastic. Thought it could even be made better with a little braised pork belly and would love to make it.


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    1. I'm right with you. I've been hunting it down since I saw the episode.

      1. Kudos to whoever finds it first....:)

        1. FN never publishes recipes from TNIC or ICA - the only option would be to get it directly from the chef.

          here's a close-up shot of the dish:

          apparently his Miami restaurant Tudor House is featuring specials through December 31st that are based on his winning menu dishes...perhaps one of the South Florida Hounds can order the brussels sprouts and deconstruct them ;)

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            hmm well if youre gonna twist my arm on it i suppose i could give it a try...

            i know forgione's "sauce proposal" has a few copies of the recipe that have popped up online. not that this helps the OP though...

            1. re: mattstolz

              i'm glad you saw this - you were just the Hound i had in mind when i made that comment! go for it.

          2. Are you on Twitter? He's fairly responsive to tweets. Maybe you could get it that way.

            1. He just posted it on his Facebook page and on Twitter. Sounds like lots of folks were asking about it!

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                  jackpot! thanks to both of you :) sounds fantastic.

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                    Thanks for posting the link! I couldn't make it post for some reason. Weird!

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                      Well, Zakarian tweeted the wrong link. The one I posted above should work. Thanks for the heads up! I didn't see the show, but I've got a couple pounds of brussel sprouts on hand to play with.

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                    I made it for Christmas Eve dinner as an accompaniment to the roast sirloin strip. A couple substitutions since I worked with what I had on hand and didn't shop. I used Black Pig bacon (and a little ground blk pepper) instead of pancetta; sour cream instead of creme fraiche; fried in peanut oil rather than canola; and white wine vinegar subbed for sherry vinegar. I made a half-recipe worth. One pound of brussels sprouts turns out to be four cups.

                    The proportion of apple (I used a peeled Granny Smith) turns out to be quite high. But not a bad thing as it was my favorite part of the dish, contributing juicy crunch and a light sweetness. Even though I drained the fried sprouts on a rack, a lot of oil is retained in between the leaves and gets mixed in when tossed with the other ingredients. But I guess that makes this an apt dish for celebrating Hanukkah.

                    The apple cider reduction amps up the flavor of the julienne apples as well as adding a bit of a caramel-y depth. I used Fallot whole grain mustard and maybe a little more would be better. No additional salt was specified in the recipe and I didn't feel it needed any.

                    We enjoyed the first few bites of the dish when it was hot and the brussels sprouts were still crispy. Our dinner plates were heated, but as the sprouts cooled down and softened, I found myself eating around the sprouts to pick at the apples and bacon. I would make this dish again, but plan on just a small serving per person to be eaten relatively quickly.

                    Don't have a photo of the completed dish. But here's the picture of our neighbor who works for Ocean Mist delivering artichokes and brussel sprouts to my mom's house in a red wheelbarrow.

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                      What do you think about the dish if you roasted the brussel sprouts instead of deep frying?

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                        I thought about that last night, as I've had success roasting brussel sprout "chips", but wanted to see what deep-frying them looked like. Deep-frying give you the very brown, crispy carciofi alla giudia effect that I've not achieved by roasting. The sprouts blossom a bit, the edges and part of the interior turns brown too. And frying's faster. I don't own a deep-fryer so used about 2" of peanut oil in a deep sauce pan and fried in three batches. I've strained the oil and will use it tonight to fry latkes.

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                        That's quite a review! Thank you for posting! I'm glad someone asked about roasting the sprouts because that's what I had thought about.

                        I also enjoyed the artichoke, sprout delivery picture!

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                          With roasting you'll use less oil but the texture will be different. This was also my first time deep-frying bacon (my sub for pancetta). I had cut these very thin so that the pieces were almost thread-like. By deep-frying, they cooked so evenly to a uniform golden brown. Really liked that result.

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                          Thanks so much for the input. I'm doing this tonight and will make "mini" batches as per your comments about the cooling problem. Absolutely can't wait to try it!!

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                            Very successful cooking with this recipe. Helpful to have a helper handy to assemble and dress the dish while you are frying the sprouts in small batches.

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                              Smart idea to team up, glad it worked well for you.

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                          This recipe sounds delicious, but it is not the "crispy Brussel sprouts" we ordered from the menu at The National. They were addictively delicious. We spoke to the server who said creme fraiche and horseradish were involved. ??? Would love to have that recipe.