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Dec 19, 2011 04:25 PM

Torchon of Foie Gras?

I'm visiting my in-laws this Christmas, and I was hoping to find a place to buy a ready-made torchon of foie gras near Minneapolis, but I've had no luck. I would settle for a terrine or other preparation if I have to, but I was hoping to find something that was ready to go AND fresh. Any ideas? If not, second-best suggestions would also be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. clancey's would carry the local au bon canard foie, worth a call to see if they are making torchon or pate for the holidays, or if they would, for a pre-order. their website appears to be down for maintainance. other places would carry the fresh foie as well--any interest in making this yourself?

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      I think the website has been down for maintenance for about 3 years!

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        Thanks for the suggestion. I'm only flying in on Christmas eve, so I don't have time to make it myself, since I'm hoping to serve it later that evening. I'll call Clancey's tomorrow and see what they have.

        Edit: Clancey's website is awkward and out-of-date, but I was able to access some pages with a little searching: You have to click "repeat the search with the omitted results included" to see all the indexed pages. It appears they haven't been updated in a few years. This page says they had torchon of foie gras back in February of '09: It seems likely that they'll be able to help me.

        1. re: angusb

          please, let us know if this works out, AngusB!

      2. You may also want to call Surdyk's. Their website says that "[l]ocal Foie Gras is available seasonally and by special order."

        Clancey's Meats & Fish
        4307 Upton Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55410

        Surdyk's Gourmet Cheese Shop & Deli
        303 E Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55414