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Dec 19, 2011 03:18 PM

Should you grind spices together or separate?

*WARNING: Possible food snobbery ahead.*

I was wondering, is it better to grind your spices together in the same spice mill or in separate mills, adding the separate spices into the same place, or is there even a difference?

A quick search didn't show any threads with this question. Sorry if it was asked before or is in the wrong forum.

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  1. I use the same mill to grind all my spices. Of course, I wash it thoroughly between grinding sessions. Never found it to be a problem. Exception is my nutmeg, which has its own exclusive grinder from which it is always ground fresh when needed as an ingredient.
    I use one of these to grind spices:

    1. JMTCW...Using the same mill process the largest / hardest spices first and work down in accordance, to ensure an evenly textured spice mix.

      1. Okay, so there's no difference? Okay then. Thanks

        1. It depends. If you are going to add the spices together and don't care for the size, then there is no reason why you cannot grind them together as long as you can do so consistently.

          Often I don't, but this is because different spices are ground at different time and speed. For example, I may want to grind my coriander seeds and my curcumin seeds to different texture different fineness. It is just easier to separately grind them.

          I think it is entirely up to you.