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Dec 19, 2011 01:56 PM

Ruddles Ale - where to buy locally?

Can anyone recommend a beer distributor/takeout that sells Ruddles brand ale? Thanks!

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  1. The name escapes me but there is a great beer store almost next to the Standard Tap Pub (2nd & Popular Sts in Northern Liberites) that has a very impressive selection of beers. Maybe seek them out ?

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      1. re: urbanfabric

        Their beer list is here, don't know if it's authoritative.

        Try calling or tweeting them.

    1. Would you mind being a little more specific? There are a few different types of Ruddles ale, at least one of which isn't made anymore. I'm guessing you mean Ruddles County, the English Bitter; is this accurate?

      1. Thank you all for your suggestions! My husband's in charge of getting the beer for their holiday party today and his boss said that "Ruddles" was his favorite. (But didn't say specifically which one.) We're in the 'burbs and don't have access to great or exotic selections unfortunately. My husband ended up just going to Wegman's and got an assortment of beers like Chimay, Corsendonk (sp?) and I forget what else. Will keep your suggestions in mind next time we're in the city - thanks!

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          Hope the party turns out well! Also, I don't know what areas are convenient for you, but The Craft Beer Outlet in the far northeast by Holy Family U has a good selection. Cheers.

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            depending on which suburb you're near, Edgemont Beer Distributors on Route 3 has a very interesting selection of different beer...and you can mix and match in a case...for some reason I thought you were in CC so didn't reply sooner..