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Dec 19, 2011 01:54 PM

Party mix OTHER than White Trash?

Hey there,

I want to make a fun (and yummy) "party mix" for guests to take home with them after my New Years Eve party. I don't want it to include cheerios or anything like that, and I'd even prefer to stay away from M&Ms. Anyone know a good, maybe sweet and salty (with chocolate) mix idea? Maybe some cranberries, nuts, whathaveyou? or am I better off making a bark?

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  1. The Chex cereals website has several ideas for party mixes, provided they are not too trashy for you. The advantage of the cereal is you can make the mix gluten free, which many people appreciate.

    1. Spiced mixed nuts? you can decide what flavor you want and create exactly what you want- sweet, savory, spicy?

      1. Perhaps you are looking for trail mix and not Party Mix.

        I never thought of any of those mixes, which were staples in the 1950's, that my parents so enjoyed, as "white trash".

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        1. re: Cathy

          Cathy-I *think* the OP meant the party mix called "White Trash" which is a bunch of stuff with a white chocolate coating. No need to be offended (I LOVE Chex mix and it was indeed 'fancy' party food or only on the holidays when I was growing up).

          1. re: imsohungry

            Yes -- I did mean the White Trash that is a staple for the holidays! I do mean a mix, I think, as opposed to a trail type of thing. I'm envisioning melted chocolate poured over a bunch of tasty things -- nuts, pretzels, cranberries, whatever. I suppose I can just go ahead and do that myself -- mix the melted chocolate with a little bit of shortening, or is that not necessary?

        2. I've wanted to make these Lavender, Rosemary and Cinnamon Spiced Walnuts since Patty posted them earlier this year:

          If chocolate is a must, I'd think bark's the way to go. :)

          1. last year I made (for fusty grumpy family) chex mix, but with mostly Japanese assorted rice cracker (nori and hints of wasabi on some pieces) and a bit of sesame oil in lieu of part of the butter. went over well. just followed the standard recipe and swapped out this for that.

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            1. re: hill food

              I still love the old fashioned; just Reg Chex cereal, wor sauce, butter, and garlic salt.

              We even had a special tupperware flour container for it. (green). My Sis and I used to sit on the floor in front of the tv and munch on it. They had tv's on the floor back then. Kid's don't sit on the floor and watch tv anymore. They are missing out, I think. Nothing better than a pillow and a blanket in front of the tv at night watching a movie and munching on popped corn or the beloved Chex as a kid.

              I blame TV's on the wall and hardwood floors. When I was growing up, there was wall to wall carpet everywhere and it was warmer to hang out on the floor. Area rugs just don't cut it like the padding from wall to wall. And you would get a stiff neck if you tried to watch a wall mounted tv from the floor.

              1. re: Robinez

                there is something to be said for traditions. but this question is different.

                and one is allowed to mount (or stand) the TV at what ever height one wishes (I like 'em lower too)

              2. re: hill food

                Bingo on the rice cracker mix! But my friend are like me and like those kind of things... my parents not so much.

                1. re: Crockett67

                  Crockett - that's what was surprising - the types who look at everything new with the suspicion of a cat in an unfamiliar house were inhaling it.

                  1. re: hill food

                    Really? Did you just set it out and walk away or did you tell them what they were eating?

                    1. re: Crockett67

                      here we are 2 years later... I just sat it out and glanced at it every now and then. now my aunt is addicted to rice crackers. pandora's box indeed.

                    2. re: hill food

                      It's funny. I brought a purchased Spanish cocktail mix on a ski trip, which included roasted chickpeas, pistachios, almonds, corn nuts and fava beans. None of my ski friends would try it. In fact, they all looked at it exactly as you described, with the suspicion of a cat in an unfamiliar house. One of the ski friends asked "Who brought that? What is that?", with the type of voice most people would use if someone left used socks on a kitchen counter. So I let them know I brought it, because I like it.

                      After leaving the container out with the other snacks the entire weekend, I ended up bringing the entire container home with me. Which was fine with me. I love Spanish cocktail mix. ;-)