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Dec 19, 2011 12:46 PM

Where to eat OUTSIDE the FQ?

Husband and I will be making our 4th visit or so to NOLA. This trip will be a bit different as we will be spending 6 nights driving around SW LA and visiting Lafayette, Breaux Bridge, and St. Francisville and will just two have nights in New Orleans. We will be staying in the French Quarter but have decided to keep our car rental which will allow us to visit food outside the FQ. We don't want to drive far but would like to vist restaurants that we might not otherwise visit because of transportation costs/logistics.

We will be arriving sometime on Friday driving in from Madewood Plantation. That means we are looking for lunch & dinner on Friday and lunch and dinner on Saturday. Is there any place we should try to hit on the way to the airport on Sunday? In the past, we bought muffalettas from Central Grocery to eat on the plane but they are closed on Sundays. Any suggestions? Couchon Boucherie appears open but I can't access their menu off the internet. Do you think they would have muffalettas to go?

We are open to all kinds of restaurants. Past restaurants outside of the French Quarter include Commander's Palace and Upperline.

Finally, this will be the weekend after Mardi Gras.

Thanks in advance. I'm really looking forward to hearing your suggestions.

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  1. have you been to cameilla grill? one of my favorite breakfast spots down there.

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    1. While in the St Francisville area, cross the river and go to Ma Mama's Kitchen in New Roads. good baked goods, perfectly fine Oysters Bienville and excellent turtle soup. DO NOT be fooled into Satterfield's, across the street.

      1. Coquette and Lilette are both fine restaurants on Magazine in the GD and Uptown. Patois and Clancy's are both very nice located Uptown. Cafe Atchafalaya is also located Uptown and a lot of fun. Enjoy your trip.

        1. Dante's Kitchen and Boucherie in the Riverbend/Carrollton area near Oak & Carrollton are fantastic choices with reasonable prices for great food that rivals just about anything in town. I would also highly recommend Rue 127 in Mid-City at the intersection of Canal & Carrollton - all of these are also accessible from the FQ via the streetcar if you so choose. I also enjoy Cafe Atchafalaya and a number of places on Magazine Street including La Petite Grocery. As for Cochon Butcher you definitely have to get a muffaletta - the best in town IMO and they'll definitely wrap it up for takeout. Enjoy!

          1. i had a friend who lived there for years and on my first trip he took me to mandina's. it was quite good. fun local place with many classics.