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Dec 19, 2011 12:44 PM

good special occasion restaurant in Westchester

my 21st birthday is coming up in january and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for a good restaurant for a special occasion. I'm not a picky eater, and I enjoy restaurants like x2o, harvest on hudson. I'm willing to go to one of those two restaurants but I would like to try a new restaurant first if I get any good ideas. Is blue hill at stone barns worth the splurge? I've heard people rave about it, but I've also heard disappointed reviews. Any advice?

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  1. I have always enjoyed our meals at BHSB but I feel it's either a love or hate on these boards. We;ve never been disappointed and we've always left feeling satisfied and relaxed. That said, I know many people who have celebrated occasions at 42 and thought it was great. What is your budget? That might help people make some suggestions for you.

    1. If you like good French food, Buffet de la Gare in Hastings is wonderful and a pretty, small place. Amazing food and very lovely location.

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        Recently was at La Cremailliere in Banksville and had a really nice meal.I also agree on BUffet de la Gare and 42!

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          Peniche @ 42, the tapas place on top of the Ritz Carlton in WP is nice too.

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            thank you everyone for your suggestions! I know my mom has wanted to try 42, so she's pushing that. Hadn't considered Buffet de la Gare, but after checking it out it also sounds great. I'm sure any of these choices are going to be wonderful, now I just have to decide! thanks for all you're help

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              very different, but Cookery can be incredible as well

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                Ok not Westchester but close by in Fairfield county, what about Harvest Supper (New Canaan), Schoolhouse at Cannondale (Wilton) or LeFarm (Westport). I've had better meals at those three places than any fine dining of Westchester.

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                  I don't know why I didn't even consider CT, because I'm sure the ride there might be even easier then more lower Westchester, so thanks for the suggestions! Harvest Supper sounds great from all of the reviews that I've read - do you know if they have a website or menu posted somewhere?