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Dec 19, 2011 12:17 PM

Sally's Apizza is obviously better than Pepe's and Modern

I hit all three and it is obvious:

Sally's: Clear char, chewy-crisp crust, plenty of flavor,
Pepe's: Bland, no real spices, weak crust
Modern: Too salty, not only mozz used for the cheese, more cheese than sauce, weak crust

Sally's was the only one to have a real crisp crust

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  1. Sorry, but this is a ridiculous post. There's no "obvious" when it comes to food tastes, especially pizza.

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    1. re: Joltingjoey

      I suppose I should elucidate that this is in New Haven, CT

      1. re: LorenV

        I agree...this post is absurd. I think that it depends what you're looking for. Nobody makes a better white clam and garlic pie than Pepe's (it's the freshly opened little necks, not canned or frozen like most other places). I would agree that Sally's classic red pies are absolutely terrific, but unless you're prepared to wait hours to get them (unless you have the private phone number and can come in through the back door), you can forget about even trying them!
        I find Modern to be two restaurants under one roof: If you're eating in, the pies can be as good as anybody's - and better than most. The take outs are made in a different kitchen and for whatever reason, they just don't travel well. We live approximately 5 minutes away and invariably, by the time we get them home, they are limp, soggy approximations of what is served in the restaurant.

        1. re: lsnhc

          Harry's West Hartford does it for me

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. amato's, next to modern, has better pizza than all three previously mentioned. that being said, i would have to say that sally's tomato pie is incredibly delicious.

          1. I should say that I had just mozzarella

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            1. re: observor

              And herein lies [one of] the problems with the original post. The pie that one orders has so much to do with the final results. I prefer Pepe's. That said, if I wanted a "plain" pie with nothing on it, I would be perfectly happy with Sally's, and cannot dispute that it might in fact win the day. (Leaving aside the headache of actually getting a table and putting up with the awful service.) If you did the same test and ordered pies with sausage and onion, I'd be surprised if Pepe's didn't top your list. And if you ordered pepperoni, I'd venture a guess that Pepe's might finish last. (I cringe when people who have never been to Pepe's go and order a pepperoni pie and then complain that the pizza was just OK. I just don't think that pepperoni on top shows off what Pepe's is all about.) And as posted above, order a white clam in each place and Pepe's is number one with a bullet.

              Bottom line. You can't reach any sort of conclusion one way or the other by going to both Pepe's and Sally's and ordering a "kid's pizza" (i.e., plain cheese).

              1. re: FoodieJim

                and any real New Haven Native knows that the cheese that belongs on Apizza is grated Romano, not Mozzarella.
                Going to Sally's (my personal favorite for more than 50 years) and ordering a mozzarella pie borders on sacrelidge.......................
                Now that the Yalies are on winter break, I'll be at Sally's enjoying my Apizza and Foxon Park.

                1. re: FoodieJim

                  Still, is not a basic cheese pizza a good indicator of the overall value of the pizza? Is not (most) every pizza composed of crust, cheese and sauce? Can the variation in toppings really mandate that one goes one place instead of the other? If a place can make a quality basic pizza, it doesn't seem that the toppings should overcome the core problems. Sally's core basic pizza is obviously better, and I don't see how the toppings can substantially alter that.

                  1. re: observor

                    "What we've got here is failure to communicate...some men you just can't reach..." ;P

                    Ahh, New Haven not-so-civil Pizza Wars...lsnhc and Foodie Jim had the right idea:
                    "The pie that one orders has so much to do with the final results."

                    To respond to your questions, whether rhetorical or not:
                    <<Is not (most) every pizza composed of crust, cheese and sauce?>> No, especially when you're talking about white pies--particularly clam pies.
                    <<Can the variation in toppings really mandate that one goes one place instead of the other?>> Seriously? HELLS, YEAH!

                    P.S. to bagelman--Foxon Pahhhk! :) Cheers!

                    1. re: observor

                      Again, I am a Sally's supporter,
                      BUT Sally's core basic Apizza is not made with mozzarella. Mozz is an extra. I've eaten at and from Sally's for more than 50 years, and have never ordered a pie made with mozzarella.

                      1. re: observor

                        I have to agree with Obsever that the beat way to judge ANYTHING is just with the basics;

                        pizza. crust, cheese, sauce

                        hot dogs,plain


                        add any toppings to any of the above & it will change the basic taste of it.

                        they all taste different.

                        I go to different places because they all taste different. it depends on the taste I'm in the mood for.

                        if all you do is go to one place' you live a very sheltered life.