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Dec 19, 2011 12:16 PM

Out of towner - needs help with a pick up Christmas Eve dinner!

Hi Minnesota,

I live on the West Coast and sadly am not able to make it back for Christmas this year. My parent and brother are all working on Christmas Eve and are planning on meeting for a BOWL OF SOUP when they are finished with work. No. I get that they all have to work and won't have time to prepare a big dinner but it's Christmas and soup isn't going to cut it. I would like to find someplace that has fantastic prepared Christmas meals that can be picked up so they can have a proper Christmas feast! Any suggestions? I looked at Bylerys, Kowalski's and Whole Foods websites...any experience with these? They live/work near Stillwater so something on the Eastside would be easiest. Thanks in advance for all of your suggestions!

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  1. There is a Kowalski's out that direction in White Bear Lake. Not sure about a Byerly's. Kowalski's probably doesn't have an ENTIRE pre-made meal, but they could get the pieces for something fairly tasty there. I imagine hours will be shorter than usual as well. What time would they be meeting up?

    1. I've managed to get some pretty decent food from Keys restaurant for Thanksgiving - they might possibly do a Christmas Eve arrangement, too. There's a Keys in Woodbury, and one in Hudson, but I've never been to either. (The one in downtown St. Paul is pretty good; my favorite is the one at Lexington & Larpenteur in Roseville.) They also offer official catering at several locations, and will drop off food for a fee.

      Also: This probably won't work for your family, because it's in the center of the metro, but am adding this info in case others are interested. Brasa St. Paul has an awesome "to go" dinner available on 12/24 - must pick up between 11-1.

      1. Kowalski's is doing full meals - ham, prime rib, lasagna - but they close at 4 pm on Christmas Eve (yep, White Bear Lake location would be closest).

        Another option, since they wanted to "meet up for a bowl of soup" could be making them a reservation & sending a gift card for Charlie's Restaurant at the Water Street Inn, an 1890 restored Victorian inn right on the river in Stillwater. It's been ages since I've eaten there, but they are open on Christmas Eve and I imagine it would be decorated to the 9s and have a pretty festive feel.

        Water Street Inn
        101 South Water Street, Stillwater, MN 55082

        1. Thanks! Brasa came up in my research - it looks fantastic. I think I've just about convinced them to go with some type of prepared meal Kowalski's. I've got nothing against soup, but it just sounded like the sorriest Christmas Eve I had ever heard of! I'll let them know about Water Street Inn too. That could be a great alternative if they can't get to the store before they close.

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            This is a wonderful thought you have had for your family.

            It won't work this time, but try Brasa next time. It is truly wonderful.

          2. my mother's traditional Christmas eve dinner was homemade vegetable beef soup with good bread and maybe a salad... we were back and forth to church for choir warm-ups, etc. and she was busy prepping stuff for the big feast for the next day... it actually was a nice reminder of the humble beginnings of christmas!