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Dec 19, 2011 11:51 AM

Trying to create an Asheville Food Crawl for next week

Hey there!
my husband and I are headed to Asheville for New Years. Having dinner NYE at Zambras and Friday night at The Admiral. But, on thursday afternoon/evening, we wanted to design our own food crawl. What are some must eats, best food trucks, things to try, etc. We want to have at least 5 places mapped out and prefer to stick to walking in the downtown area.


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  1. Creperie Bouchon, French Broad Chocolate Lounge, Curate, Thirsty Monk,, Chocolate Fetish, Chai Pani, Kilwin's, Sante, Sisters McMullen...

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      1. re: jcenter2264

        The short answer is whatever looks good to you, otherwise how about Tabla de Jamon at Curate, frites at Creperie Bouchon, red velvet cupcake or whoopie pie at Sisters McMullen, Behel Puri at Chai Pani, cheese board at Sante, literally anything at French Broad and Choc Fetish. Oh, and how could I forget...the truffled deviled eggs at The Southern.

    1. Sounds like fun!

      How about...
      Curate - shrimp w/ garlic and/or the bread w/ tomato
      Sisters McMullen - I agree totally about the whoopie pie
      Chorizo - Table made quac and one of their house margaritas (it has a little orange juice as well as lime)
      Chocolate Fetish - cannot recommend anymore highly the dark choc pisachio frog.
      rosetta's kitchen - Sweet potato fries OR
      Storm Rhum Bar - normal fries (way better than Bouchon fries IMHO) and/or ceviche
      Salsa's - Spliff roll appetizer
      Laughing seed - maybe a salad so this tour is not TOO unhealthy ;-)

      You could start at Storm, walk up to Curate, then Salsa, then Chorizo or Sante at the grove arcade, head down the stairs to Wall street for Laughing Seed, walk down thier stairs through the Green Man Pub , back up Patton Ave and end up at Sister's McMullen. Where is your hotel?

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      1. re: danna

        agreed on the sisters mcmullen whoopie pies. filling is a little greasy, but overall GOOD! and heavy (I judge most of my baked goods by weight...haha)
        Curate - fried eggplant - I would not have ordered this but tried a friend's. Mmm!
        FBCL - salted caramels or liquid truffle
        hey, don't be dissing the Bouchon fries - LOVE those! they are the right size cut (for me) and something about the herbs de provence seasoning combined with that dipping sauce. my favorite fries! I think it's like bbq though - people like different types...
        Agreed on the Storm ceviche though.
        don't forget about Limones (would be near your run from Storm to Curate) - they are seasonal, so not sure what to get, but it's all pretty damn delicious. sit in the window if you can.
        If you go to Sante get a coupon - you can save a little $$. Use code "holiday" right now - dirt cheap.

        1. re: Scirocco

          Fun! I would definitely not miss the following: Curate (shrimp, eggplant and/or chicken fritters), Limones (lobster nachos and/or chile relleno + a margarita), Storm (fried chicken confit), Sante (wine flight + three dip sampler including blue cheese walnut and pesto for sure) and another one I've been wanting to try...Gourmet Chip Company...their chips and accompaniments sound awesome. My husband and I may be doing a similar tour this week as we knock out some last-minute Christmas shopping downtown.

          1. re: miss piggy

            I'm clearly in the minority here, but I thought the eggplant thing at Curate tasted like a greasy sponge drizzled w/ honey. I enjoyed the first bite, 'cause there IS something awesome about the taste of "fried" but I had to leave most of it on the plate. Maybe they flubbed mine somehow, but you know how eggplant tends to be a sponge anyway....maybe they didn't have the oil in the fryer hot enough, but it was just oozing grease onto the plate when I forked it. (BTW, Tony Bourdain was sitting 3 chairs down from us at the bar that lunch...they should have been on their game!)

            Agreed on the salted caramels at FBCL. I don't think much of their baked desserts, but those little caramels are good.

      2. Im getting hungry aready. Loving the working list just need to map it out

        1. Also, consider an olive oil and balsamic vinegar tasting at Olive and Kickin'.