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Dec 19, 2011 11:21 AM

Chinese Vegetarian in SGV

My vegetarian daughter arrived last night from Canada. We dine tonight.

What is the best place now? I only know Happy Family on Atlantic in Monterey Park.

Thanks so much.

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  1. Try Supreme Vegetarian Restaurant on Las Tunas in Arcadia . If she likes Vietnamese food, I highly recommend Thien Tam on Garvey in El Monte. Most of their stuff is vegan, too.

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      I have had some good food there, but also some mishaps both in terms of food and service (yes, I mean bad in comparison to comparable restaurants -- food not showing up after asking the server several times, etc). Produce often seems a little less than fresh there. The chef used to work at the one in Focus Plaza, which is why the menu is similar, and perhaps a bit similarly over-ambitious. Virtually all the Buddhist Chinese vegetarian places in SGV serve similar food, and the differences in quality are minor, though some have nicer decor or cleaner plates.

    2. Probably too late now since you are asking for tonight.

      But for posterity's sake, what do you mean by "vegetarian"?

      Just about any and all Chinese restaurants have dishes made without beef or meat, although there may be meat-derived ingredients involved (e.g. stock, etc.).

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        The ones that specialize in the Buddhist inspired cuisine where soy and gluten are used to create faux meat dishes. The emperor went vegetrian for 30 days a year, and had little interest in turnips.

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          I really like Happy Family too.

          I also like Happy Veggie Garden, inside the 99 Ranch Mall, in Rowland Heights. I love the hot and sour soup that comes with the lunch special, the best I've had so far, and I like how my dishes have been cooked so far. I've had basic stuff like sweet and sour pork, various versions of "chicken", and whoever is cooking back there is a-ok with me. I like going here for the lunch specials. Brown rice is like a dollar extra though.

          I recently got the three cups tofu dish at Fine Garden Vegetarian Cuisine in San Gabriel, and it was phenomenal. Brown rice came free too. I got the lunch special and it was a lot of food for about $6. Amazing. I need to try this place again. The hot and sour soup was good, but not as good as Happy Veggie Garden's version.

          Also, there's a Happy Family in Rowland Heights (located on second floor of a strip mall) and it's pretty good as well, in fact some of my friends prefer it to my overall favorite, happy Veggie Garden, but I like the food better overall at HVG, even if it's a dollar more.

          If you're into fast food, go to LA or OC and try the fried chicken sandwich at Veggie Grill. I've taken meat eaters there and they are blown away by that sandwich. Not so much the cheeseburger. I like the portobello burger there.

          If you're in OC, Thuyen Vien (aka Pho Veggie) is easily my favorite vegan Vietnamese place. The pho is great, as is the amazing "flan" which has a texture just like eggy flan, without milk or egg. I like the Thai iced tea, which is made with vanilla scented soy milk. another table recently had some dilled fish on the sizzling platter and that smelled amazing. Coconut juice comes in the coconut. The owner is a genius, and justly proud of his cooking skillz. He knows what an accomplishment the flan is and he has the bad habit of asking why you didn't finish it, but i totally understand.