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Dec 19, 2011 11:11 AM

Restaurant Gift Card Promotions

I need to purchase restaurant gift cards for coworkers. What restaurants have the best promotions?
Much appreciated!

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  1. Usually you can get $100 of Fox Restaurant Concepts cards for $80 (they give you 5 $20 gift cards for 80 bucks)- seen this deal at Costco, but not sure if they do it anywhere else.

    1. Delux will give you $25 for $100 spent until 12/31/2011. Seems like many chains give a 20% kickback.

      1. I thought I just got an email from CPH on buy $100 get $25. Is it terrible to get both for yourself? I thought, "That would cover their NYE event!"

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          Thanks for the responses. I actually found a great deal at Latitude 8 Thai Grill in Chandler, one of our favorite East Valley restaurants. Purchase a $50 gift card and receive a $20 gift card for free. Hard to beat this promo.